Kenetrek Boots

here are the pics

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Dec 19, 2000
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Those are some nice pics. Congrats to you,
and especially your son. Thats gotta feel
great for him to get some mountain game
with ole Dad!
I'm looking forward to taking some nice photos when I'm in the
Quinault with my buddy who drew the Oct
bull hunt. We agreed we'd put in seperate,
and if drawn, the other would help out on
the hunt. We are looking forward to a awesome
hunt as I know my buddy won't settle for
anything less then a big mature rosy. We'll
be scouting a couple days prior to the season,and will hit it hard till we score.
Heck, we may even spike camp a day or 2 in
the Colonel Bob. I've never been in there,
but I hear it will make a man out of you real
quick being as steep and nasty as it is. If
you have any last minute tips,bring em on since your familiar with the area.
Hey Ray awesome pics man.That sure is some pretty country there.That bear looks great,you must be one proud papa for that one.I see what you mean about his coloration very nice. :D
Brian used a Sako Forester model in the .308 caliber with federal 150 grain spire point bullets. My father bought the rifle brand new years ago and I got it from him, now Brian will eventually get it from me. I had the rifle shooting 3 inches high at 100 yards. We recovered the bullet lodged in the neck. It went in behinfd the front shoulder and angled forward thruogh the spine. Talk to ya later, Ray.
Great pics...Did I miss the story some where? Congrats on the bears...The area looks semi-familiar.... :D :D :D
Great Bear, how big is the skull?

Super scenery. Must have been a great hunt.

I hope to kill one this fall again. With yesterdays rain we should have a good berry crop starting with the opening of season (I hope).
Ten Bears:
I haven't even measured it cause it's pretty small. The bear went right around 150 pounds and was actually older than I thought. I may send a tooth in for analysis. Fish and game changed a few things as we now just call our wild ID # in and give the info over the phone. So I'm not really sure if I like that or not. Convienient but no feedback on the bear. I will swing down to fish and game and talk to them in person here in the next couple days to find out if they are taking samples for analogy or not. Talk at ya later.
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