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Dec 10, 2000
Pocatello, ID, USA
How long should i wait to go back into an area where i spooked about 10 or 11 deer out of, we know there is at least 1 4 pt. 1 2 pt. and possibly another 2 pt. but we chased them out of the canyon last night, how long should i be waiting to go back in and try to get them?

Thanks and happy hunting
Mini, head back to your area. I know that with whitetail when they find a place they like it is tough to get them to leave. You may make them go nocturnal but they will still be there. I bet those deer just made one big circle and where back in there before you got back to the truck.
Thanks Guys i actually have about an hour before i am going back into there, i am getting a better vantage point this time and have my mother there pushing them out of their hidding area to me i am hopeing hte big guy is still in the greoup, if not i will probably drop a lesser 3 pt. or maybe a 2pt. even, need some meet for the freezer plus i have my cow elk hunt coming up in a week that i need to be ready for

thanks again for the info, and Happy Hunting have a cool Mom if she is going to do a drive for you

I would go back next day...but if you sppok em again it might be awhile before they get back to same spot.
Well just got back from the area and no deer were seen today that makes 2 days in a row of not seeing any game whatsoever, the first 2 days started of great and no everythign is just going down hill, tommorow is my last shot at ta big guy before the area goes 2 pt. only so if i don't get him tommorow i will be second guessing not taking the shot at the smaller buck, i will be pissed if i am eating tag soup this year after having a shot oppurtunity and not taking it

thanks again and happy hunting

and nut yeah my mom is a really cool lady like that

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