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Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
It's getting hard to sleep. I leave after work tomorrow. I have most of my stiff together, except for my "regular stuff" - toiletries, underwear, normal clothes, etc. All the ice chests (to bring home that elk meat ;) ), guns, camo, boots, face paint, scent killer, packs, knives, saw, sharpeners, game bags,handi-wipes, first aid kit, license and tags, etc. is all in the garage, ready to go in the truck. I'll finish loading it tonight, drive to work in the morning and then be out of here until the 17th or sooner, if I bag a bull. It's been snowing in New Mexico with some more forecasted for this weekend, so I hope to be able to find tracks easily. Jorge, Moe and Axel left this morning at 4 AM for some pre-season scouting and deer hunting. Maybe they'll have a nice bull with a blue tag in his ear all tied up for me when I get there? :rolleyes: ;)
Cali.. Best of luck BUD !!!!! You said it's HARD to sleep.. :confused: Well, Ya know what they say... Guys can sleep with "LIGHT" on ;)
Yeh, I know, Jason - it's like elk hunting with the 3 stooges - Jorge, Moe and Axel. And Jorge is like Mr. Gadget - he carries a 40 pound day pack "just in case." Stove, food, firestarters, GPS, cel phone, and so on. If it's in Cabela's catalog, he probably owns one! ;) Moe has short, stubby legs and Axel can't hit the broadside of a barn. So it's easy for a fat, middle-aged guy to shine in that group! :D In Montana, when the cold front came in, they looked like that kid in Christmas story - couldn't bend over, if they fell down they couldn't get up... :eek: They looked like bowling pins with hunter orange hats and vests!

But actually, they are good guys. They'd give me the shirt off their back in blizzard if I needed it, although I would catch Hell for the rest of my life...
Good luck Cali and I hope you get the big one. Take lots of pics and don't forget your Hunt Talk hat. Looking forward to the stroy and pics upon your return.
Good luck rick... I really didnt need to know you had most of your stiff together, but I am happy for you anyway :D :D :D

Wack a big one :D
Lots of luck to you, take lots of picture's
Jsut heard from Cali a few Hours ago... It was all broken up but sounded like he hasn't gotten anything yet.... Although the season opens Sat ;).. HEHEH Seriously though, He is making the long drive and was board I think... I couldn't understand much.. I think it was the loud gay music he was listening too.....
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