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Has anyone seen the new Eastman's?

What page Ron? In all honesty, I never was a fan of Easton's magazine, but since coming aboard HT I've picked up a few issues to read some of the other members stories. I just purchased the bowhunting issue, I'll have to look for the other.

Congrats to you and your daughter!
Is she in the Bow hunting journal or the other one? Hunterman and I will have to pick it up as well.
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Thanx Ron, I'll go get one at Albersons tomorrow !!!! Will she Sign my copy of it next time I travel though your part of the country
I went looking for a copy today but none of the stores in town had one, all of the so called "gun shps" and "bow hunting shops" and any other store that you would think should have it didn't

All of the convience stores didn't have it, The commercial stores magazine racks didn't have it, the book store didn't have it, what the hell is going on here

Either way my congratulations to both Kasi and Ron and Happy Hunting
I noticed that right off Ron! Congrats to you and Kasi! I cant wait till my girls are old enough to start going. My dad and I nailed a couple speedgoats this weekend and I think that would be an awesome hunt for Claire and Jessica in about 8 years!
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