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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
What is your choice in a gun or bow case and why?

(Get your minds out the gutters folks
Had a soft one for years and liked it a lot. I then bought a hard one that would hold two and like that also. The soft I like if taking just one rifle. When I go to camp I take two, so the hard one is nice and can be used for air travel. If I am taking the horse, I just use the scabbard instead of a case. My soft one has a broken zipper so i am going to get another one. When I go to the range I often take 3 rifles so I will get another soft one to replace the one I have.
I very rarly use one. Hard cases are to bulky, and the soft ones for archery don't make a thing to work around the stabilizer, so they really don't ever fit very well...
Rifles, I have a cases for a couple of my rifles, but neither see the inside of them often....Just because.... :D
I was a firm believer in a hard guncase until I figured the guns cant breath in there and rust very fast (within 3 hours here in AZ) now I use soft only if I use one at all....

I like the hard cases for archery equipment but they are big an bulky...

I almost always use hard cases. I have two single rifle cases and two double rifle cases. Sometimes, a trip to the range requires more than that, though, and then I throw the "most expendable" rifle in the soft case. By expendable, I mean the one that will tick me off the least if it gets banged around or the scope gets knocked.
Soft for me. Up here especially if you fly in a bush plane hard cases are a no-no because of the space. Plus I spend alot of time in my raft so a soft case fits into a gunboot to keep the rifle from getting wet. I have a double hard case incase I have to fly commercially.
I have about 6 hard cases in garage, and about 4 soft cases, it all is determined by the situation, if I am going close to home and have an empty truck bead, hard is the way to go, if I am driving 2000 miles to montanny and back and have very little room to spare in SUV its soft all the way....then again if there is a fat chick around it all goes soft doesnt matter what we are talking about:D

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