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gunner46 and tnctcb whip the swamp


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Feb 27, 2002
im sure gunner will have his own story but heres my part. i got to perry about 6:30 last night we thought we would grab a quick dinner and hit the sack early, my son decided he didnt need to sleep and i finally got him out around 10. got up at 4 this morning to find even the 24 hour resteraunts were closed so we finally found a gas station to get some coffee and a hot dog. met the guide at 6 and followed him to his place, a doe crossed the road on the way in so at least we were seeing animals early. we parked and walked in ( yes wyoming crowd i did it without a break lol) my son and i waited at the road while gunner was led to his stand. i could hear hogs grunting around us but never appeared. apparentley gunner had some hogs already at the stand when he got there but ill let him fill in the details there. when we got to our stand we saw some hogs heading in they were behind some brush but moving into bow range so i was going to send my son up the stand and shoot from the ground but he had already passed the stand not seeing it and bumped the hogs out a bit. we got set in the stand and the pigs were moving in and out but staying out of range. about 6:50 we heard 1 shot from gunners stand that ran the pigs off again only to come back one more time a few minutes later still not giving me a shot. about 8:15 john and gunner came up in the truck and we slipped out of the stand to meet them john recommended that we leave my son with gunner and he and i slip around the block to see if we could head them off. we could smell them but not see anything and we were almost back to the truck when i looked over at the stand i had been sitting in to see about 15 to 20 hogs there. there was plenty of cover to break me up so i had john stay put and i slipped in to try to get a shot. one of the pigs was over twice as big as anything else making him at least 250 and i set off after him.i needed about 5 feet to get a clear shot when i snapped a twig and they ran, one nice hog stopped in a clearing and i quickly drew. john was just about to tell me not to take a chance on a running hog( he couldnt see this one) when i released and the thwap stopped him. that arrow hit him so hard that gunner could hear it at the truck with my son talking to him, it went through him so fast i thought i might have hit the tree but a few steps and a better veiw of the arrow told me better it was covered with dark blood from one end of the shaft to the fletchings. it took us a minute to get a blood trail so i got gunner to help but when i got back john had found the trail. we had good blood every few inches for about 30 yards then a small pool and then nothing. we were hoping it didnt hit the water as we would lose it for sure.gunner held our spot i combed the edge of the water and john followed the path it had been heading. john came back and asked me if i had found anything, when i said no he stuck his hand out to shake mine and told me he found the hog, it was down but not finished. we stood back a bit and waited for it to expire :D for a few minutes then drug it to the truck. i had hit the hog almost dead center of the body and it went about 45 or 50 yards before going down. this was my first big game bow kill and a look later found that i had just clipped the liver. gunner had guessed that but no one would bet against him. now its 9:00 and we have 2 on the meat pole. one more and we are done for this trip. we grabbed the dogs and headed out to give a 5 year old his moment of glory. the curs worked the swamp edges for maybe 15 minutes when one dog barked the bushes crashed and the other dog sped off in that direction. the race was on we could hear the dogs across the way so we hopped in the truck and headed toward them and a big hog ran across the road but no dogs were in tow so john shut off the truck to listen but i had already heard them, i told him they had caught so we moved in. the growling and squealing were almost continuous and the depth of the hogs tone told us it was a good hog. when we got in the swamp the fight was in the water and both dogs were on the pig my son was afraid to get into the water with them so we waited until the dogs got it near the bank and john grabbed the pig and pulled it out of the water. gunner helped get the dogs off while i got alex into position. with all the comotion like he had never seen alex was a little aprehensive but we all assured him i would help him and he could do it. the dogs kept coming back so gunner got a leash on one and the other backed off. i pushed the rifle to the hog and gave alex the go and he pulled the trigger and the hog was finished. the rifle poped him a little bit in the mouth and when john turned to shake his hand he saw a big alligator tear in his eye and he said he just had to pick him up. alex said Mr John it popped my mouth then he got a big grin on his face and said but im a hog hunter now. john later told me he normally wouldnt just grab someones kid like that but since he had known me before and alex seemed to like him pretty well it seemed like the thing to do which of course i thought nothing other than that. we got our hogs in the cooler and headed home. it was a really fun day and while some of you dont consider hunting in a fence hunting i wouldnt have traded this day with my son for anything in the world and i am thankful that i had a good person like gunner to share it with and to take pictures to remember it by. the camera wasnt working right so most of the pictures are to bright and im gonna try to get the light out and post them in a bit.
got the picture of my boy cleared up some.
I got a call from Tnctcb late last week and he said he was headed for John’s place with his son. I ungraciously begged my way in on the hunt, cuz I’ve been up there before and knew what to expect. HEY, the freezer was empty and I needed some sausage.

Tim pretty well covered the hunt from his view, so here’s mine:

John and I left them at the cross-road and started to ease up to my stand a couple hundred yard s away. About 50 yds out, we spotted pigs already milling around the stand, so John told me to inch on in and try to slip up the stand.

Well, I did pretty good till I was just about 5 yds form the stand and a sow decided to bolt! 15-20 pigs scattered….Crap….. “Just git yer ass up the stand and hope they’re not THAT spooked”….

After I was up I saw that they hadn’t gone far (out about 100yds) and the little ones were already trying to filter back in, so it was Lock & Load .

Real quick it was easy to spot the biggest ones, two boars. One problem….
Also VERY easy to see that there was a sow in heat, cuz the two boys were right behind her with their nose right up her … errrr… privates, wherever she leads them. And of course she lead the biggest one right to her swamp condo mud pad, outta sight from prying eyes and 7mm/08’s with scopes!!! CRAP!!! Did I just say that?

Miss “Spooky” comes back and keeps everybody on edge. She can’t really see me and she can’t get my scent, but she ain’t happy either.

Well, # 2 bigger guy musta figgered this morning wasn’t going to be his party, so he comes trotting back..then goes and checks on hotty, then comes back… then goes…yadda yadda.

Does nature inject pigs with “ can’t stand still” hormone? I mean, give me a d**m brake… They NEVER just stop and eat something! Trot trot… Uh Oh, there’s corn! Trot trot.. Hey there’s a whatever Trot trot.. They never just STAND there… unless it’s behind a palmetto, then they seem to go onto a trance…SHHEEEZZZZ’ OO REEEE…….

FINALLY!!!! MR. “Got his Nose up a Sow’s B..” stops and put his nose down to something , for about, Ohhh 3 sec. & POW!!! Made one jump and plowed the ground.

Now, That chore out of the way, it was time to go and get Alex his pig……

Maybe the pics from my camera will come out alittle clearer.
Got the pics today.

Ladies and Germs, I am proud to introduce you to our most recent inaugerated member of the hunting brotherhood.... "Hollywood" Alex...Pig slayer extraoridnaire!!!!!


Alex with his pig.


" Hollywood" with mine and Tim's pigs.

P.S. I have to say this. I've been on A LOT of hunts in my time, with many a 'hardened' hunter, but I'll tell y'all, this little guy never once backed off, or hesitated to jump right on in there with us ! We got him up before 4AM; feed him sausage dogs, for breakfast, standing outside a gas station, before dawn; lead him around a messy swamp, with snags and briars and mud and goo, but he stayed with us (I picked him up a couple time to get him over some stuff that was slowing ME down) and he stayed the course!!!
I've watched 'hardened hunters' choke when your in the water, dogs/pigs splashing & throwing mud, not 10 feet away. Tight quarters, risky business... but when the time came he pulled off a 1 shot kill with nary a glitch!!!!

Besides that, he took all our ribbing, jokes, and trying to get the best of him and sometimes beat us at our own game!

GREAT KID Tim... keep doing whatever your doing.....

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tnctcb,that was a great story to read.
Anyone that takes there kids hunting is tops in my book.
What a hunter your son is,give him a big high five from me on a nice hog.
:cool: :cool: :cool:
great hunt. Congrats to the young hunter!

Tim, my wife told me a couple nights ago you called a couple weeks ago. Sorry! didn't know you were in town. Do give me a call when you come through again.

T Bone
i see the x also. try to type it out long form like this
that is the only way ive ever been able to post a pic. if you still cant get it to work email them to me and ill post them for you through the gallery. thanks for the gongrats everyone.
I don't see them and would very much like to...
Very good looking kid you have there Tim....Way to go and congrats to both of you guy's... :D
Hey, it was after I posted above and came back that I could see the picture of your son Tim. Nice picture of him with the hog. But I still see them 2 others with little red x's that Gunner46 posted.
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