Gun Laws ?


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Feb 18, 2014
I was in the town of Larwrenceburg TN. last week and found a nice older Stevens 410 double barrel I wanted to purchase and was denied there because I live in Michigan. I guess I do not understand why that would matter ?
I don't understand either, State laws are funny, in 2005 I bought a new 30-06 in Alabama with no issues at all.
when I was there this winter, I was interested in buying a AR15.
1/2 the shops I stopped at said I could not buy a gun in AL. the other 1/2 said no problem.
1 guy told me it was a Federal Law ?, and that I had to be from a connecting State to buy a gun ?.
I went over to Pensacola, FL. and bought 1 with no issues at all .

Hand guns are a bust for sure. You can only buy them in your own state, unless you are a dealer. Long guns can be purchased in surrounding states. State laws are funky, though. I cannot go to Colorado and buy a long gun, due to their idiotic gun laws.
When I moved from Michigan to Indiana I tried to buy a shotgun in Indiana prior to getting my driver's license swapped over and I was told no. Although the guy at the counter told me if I walked across the store and got a resident hunting license with my Indiana address on it he could do it. It was weird because the Indiana hunting licenses can be printed out on your inkjet printer at home. I don't know if it was just the policy of the dealer (one of the big box stores) or if it was a state law.
Gun laws make about as much sense as drivers license regs. In OH I couldn't get my DL, with the paperwork I had provided, because I didn't have my social security card. BUT, I used the exact same paperwork to go to the SS office and they handed it over in about a minute. Went back to the DMV and all was hunky-dory.......

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