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GUESS who ran into Feclnogn....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I went on a roadtrip last week. There was ta-kill-ya festaval in central America. Most people would think that traveling that far to drink a worm out the bottom of the bottle is dumb but I think it is well worth it....

Anyways, I got to the place after my sporting 57' nova broke down a few times and I had to push it the last 256 miles. Needless to say I was a bit parched when I got to the place....

There was senoirita's all over bragging about this "BURO" of a man that out drank KONK, the local drinker.... Drank 2 shots to his one. I hardly believed this story becasue I've seen Konk in the past drink shots from a 64 oz cup before.

Anyways, Up on stage , believe it or not, was this guy saying "FISHING with TNT.. FISHING WITH TNT"... I knew from the get go the only one that fished with TNT was my god buddy Feclnogin......

I had to fight hard to get him away from the place. I was surprised he was making such a loud ruckus being on parol and all, but he was living it up !!! I snuck him back into the country and he's sobering up right now. Roumor has it he should be back posting real soon !!!!!!

Just wanted to see if Anyone remembered him like I do and If anyone WANTED him back. He said if the welcome was BIG, he'd post again, but if it was LAME, He would head back south and Start Drinknig again. You all know how much he can drink now.... I'm trying to keep some alchohol left in Central America, and LETTING KONK get his drinking title back. With Fecl. down there no-one has a chance !!

By posting a WELCOME back you will be saving a country that really NEEDs it's booze...
We Want Fecal
We want Feacl
( wait a min., that dos'nt sound right )
I need a good laugh, or even a bad laugh, so lets here from the master, or at least form Fecal Nogan !!!!!
Hell, let him take his big purple pill drink himself into importance.

He never could hit anything with the gerbal cannon anyway.

Besides, with him around the rest of the liars don't have a chance.

Moosie, you are doing a good job at picking up the traits. That's a great one.

My all time favortie one is when he and his buddy went bass fishing and where watching the lesbians LMAO
He said by the end of the week......

I figured we'd have better suport for our favorite guy.. Only a few remember the ol' koot ?~?~?~ :confused: :confused:

Gerbil canon.. STILL the best !!!!!
Hell yea we want him back!!!! i kinda miss laughing histerically on a daily basis! :D

I also want to hear about his Oryx ( gemsbok )hunt! in new mexico ????
We need him back. A few good laughs would get the board fired up.

I still laugh my butt off about the gerbil cannon. What were some of these other stories that I haven't heard of???????

The lesbians bass fishing??????? Where can I find that post?????
Ok, Im back. For a bit. I'm actually just got back from Vegas, I had to stay a few extra days cuz I did not know it was illegal to pour salt water into slot machines. Now I do. I am much wiser today than on Monday.

I will try to make a post on all of my highs and lows since last posting sometime in October. If memory serves me correct I was about to tell ya bout the 380 class bull that slipped away. If only the night vision batteries had lasted a bit longer............

S. Fecl
Dale fecl. has some awsum stories to share.... he blew him self up once while bass fishing also, something about a short fuse and his buddy.... I tried to find them in the archieves but to know avail....

BLUE PILL.... BLUE PILL... THE BLUE pill is back... :D :D :D

MAN, funny how he can be gone 8 months and we lived without him..... ;)

Fecl, Just one more tip, When you're in Vegas and they are having the pirate show on that ship. There is a plank on the N.E. side of the building that you and 4-5 buddies can walk across and sneak up on the Pirates. They are only 1/2 pirates 1/2 actors. If you and your buddies are in Sync, you can throw them over board and Move the palnk and HAVE full access to the ship !!! There is also a Liquor bar down in the Main haul. Or at least the used to be ;)

This of course can last up to 2 hours usually because The men with the real guns come out to play then. You can keep them at "BAY" by throwing the Beer bottles at them for awhile. You'll also get one night free stay in the local "CELL" to sober up... And get a free breakfast to BOOT !!!! It will be worth it. Just think of all the GOLD you can put in your pockets :D !!!!
I know we keep referring to that as a pill, but wouldn't it be more correctly called a supository? :cool: