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Greenie how do you get away with shooting


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Wolves in the A$$? I am trying to figure that out....
On another board I made the comment of shooting a few elk with a paintball gun and people are coming unglued They are asking for the death penilty, castration and more....

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Delw, your type are the biggest problem for anti/non hunters, boasting your exploits of wildlife publicly. You are not a hunter or a sportsman you are an unethical person. You deserves to have your hunting privledges revoked. I have read your posts about your unscruplis behavior and I will make it a personal goal to have you invetigated by U.S. fish & wildlife. Your own admissions are far more than I can tolerate. I look forward to your apology.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Is it just me or did this guy just get off the turnip truck heading for mexico?
DELW..... MAN, I just went over to M.M. and said

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I went up this weekend with a High powered Paintball gun and SHOT a few ELK to MARK them for the Hunting Season. I wasn't sure wich one I wanted so I marked a Couple of them !!!! This is my first year not hunting behind a HIGH WIRE fence so I figured I'd do it this way. I used a Indovesent Lumiglow mixture so The elk can Be seen at night with my Special Night ray vision I just got. I'm guessing I should have my Elk about 2 hours Before anyone else even thinks about it on Opening day !!!!!

Does anyone else do this ?!?!?!

I'll let you know how that goes :D
Hey Del, thats a great idea. I cant beleive I didnt think about that. I'm off to bu a paint ball gun. What color paint did you use?
here is another one.. man they get better abd better.. theres like 10 guys just hammering me LOL

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Wow, harassing wildlife by shooting paintballs and throwing rocks. I do believe there is a section in the Arizona Game and Fish Statutes that states that "Harassing Wildlife in Arizona is against the law". That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard from someone claiming to love the outdoors more than anyone. This board has become a haven for ego's. I have been watching this board for several weeks, and I am so ashamed that gentlemen like Delw and Bullelk represent Arizona hunters. They complain about CA residents, Yuppies, etc. You know, these people are out in the field with tags, which means they purchased an Arizona hunting license which allows the rest of us to hunt. The money that they bring into our state helps the AZGF fund our wildlife conservation efforts. I have lived in AZ all my life. I love to hunt and fish. This wilderness in AZ is all of ours. And if you dont like it, hunt elsewhere. All I have heard is Delw complaining about AZ as a hunting state. Stop hunting then. Also, Delw. You have provided some awesome information over the months and I can say you are quite the outdoorsman. But, PAINTBALLS!!!!! If I ever saw someone in the woods shooting wildlife with paintballs, I would turn them in Immediately. As a matter of fact, I have printed out your article Delw, of you bragging about this "sport" of yours. I do hope the game and fish catches up with you and see if you can brag to them about this as well. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

OK.... I'll lay 3:1 odds that the post I made at H.A. will get nuked too.... I wonder HOW GREENY can post crap about Ninjas and they say nothing.. .BUT When I post about scouting for elk and Marking them with PAINT.... They don't let it stay ;) HAHA

Anyways.. We'll know by tomorrow .. EH :D :D

HEY DELW.....Whats a Paintball gun cost.. Hehehe....
Hell the good ones run up to 500 bucks
the best part is they are full auto....

I started another post
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>How about it? should we try to get a law changed that paintball hunting could be a sport. think about it everyone gets to hunt.. no long wait for tags? you get more than one shot..... you can bond with nature then shot your friends for fun... the animals will always be plentiful? Ammo isnt expensive... you can use full auto.....

even started a rag on Delw topic.....

oscar if it gets nuked it wouldnt suprise me.... I wonder if greeny gets away with it because he is from montana?

These AZ guys that come to that az forum are so freaking rediculious.. Most of if not all the questions they ask are Where are the elk in such and such unit

I dont mind helping out of state guys or even parents that are hunting with kids but I would be damned if I am going to give some a-hole info so he can sit back and watch tv until his starts... these freaking idiots wont even scout..... I know 2 of them on that board that just look everyday for scouting tips while they sit on there butts and go hunting opening day... Yet they get drawn every2-3 years.....

Yeah if you hit them just right you would have a target for your arrow or gun also....
I saw some of your posts on that website Del, I believe it was something like AZOD or something like that and I was laughing my ass off. By the way, what kind of paintball gun are you guys using?? Mine is only accurate out to about 30 yards.
A freind of mine had some of those 100 ones they used in paintball games... I dont remember the brand...

they are not very accurate and after 40 yards your lucky if the paint will splatter and not bounce off.....

HAHA TenBears.. lets see if we could get AZG&F to set us up a paintball unit....... Since we cant get drawn here anyhow...
I really dont see know harm in it and dont understand why people got there panties in a wad over it... Its not going to hurt the elk...Mabye its just a city thing (city people supposibly have a higher mentality), These people would cringe at the crap we did in washington while growing up......

Like shooting coyotes and jack rabbits at night from a moving vehicle friends shot them with snowmobiles at point blank range with sawed off shotguns and pistol grips... heck no one even cared about it back there, and if you did get caught they would ask how many you got...
I know some guys here who have been practicing on cows on the open range. They don't run as fast, and aren't "hunter" savy yet.
delw i would love for you to email me that forum so i can get in there and back you up, that could really get them started. ;)
HAHA.. I had thought about it but they get a little testie... I know the owner of the site and dont want to take all his people away.... its a lame format for a board and its been real slow yhere will the exceptionof where can I get an elk type post... I have never seen so many lazy people in all my life and worse yet they claim to be hunters....:D :D

I would use the term weekend warriors but I dont want to give weekend warrior(greenies buddy) a bad name LOL.

this is worse than the time I made the comment aboutopening the season to shoot wild burrows :D :D

I really didnt think it would cause that much of a stir... but now that I know it does I might have to send them my texas elkhunting pictures over......

but then again maybe I will send ya all the link. just try to keep it kinda civil.... they are like a bunch of old ladies over there And I dont want to have thier panties bunched up for to long....

What ever you do dont mention Treestand, or indians LMAO

3 crows sitting on a power line.
6 squirrels.
2 stray cats.
1 bull snake.
1 low rider with a loud stereo.
1 police car (I got the license late).

Thats what I hit with my new paint ball gun. This is going to be easy hitting the bigger elk and deer. I was going to go up with Steamer to mark his deer before he poked it with an arrow, but I have to work in the morning.
flytier thats unethical, i really cant believe you would sink to that level. delw is already in trouble for shooting elk .......... but now you wanna start chasing defensless cops, sure they have guns but they arent allowed to use them..... uh oh i bet i just pissed someone off, glad im leaving tommorrow :rolleyes:
Hey look what this fugging idiot wrote

A guy posted about his day dove hunting and said he got a rattle snake to.... Then some yahoo said this

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>By got one today, I hope you don't mean that you shot the rattlesnake. It is their desert too and they help keep the pest population down. Frank<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Now the way I read it he can shoot doves(becuase its not the dove's desert( What are they are illigal alliens with out a passport?) but you cant shoot rattle snakes becuase the share the desert... He would really shit when he finds out I go out of my way to run over the damn things.....

See if I can cool down before I say something....

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