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Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Would you hurry up and kill your elk. I have to see what I am going to have to beat this year ;)

while your at it get that lope done as well. I am thinking if my daughter connects with the one I have in the picture underbig game she might have a chance at one bigger than yours ;)

I got three days before I leave

Delw.....he is out hunting now. He wasn't sure if the 330ish bulls he is on the trail of would be big enough to let it fly I would say your gonna need to be thinking 340ish to have a ligitimate shot! :eek:
I can't believe he'd lower his standards to below Moosie's--shootin a 330ish bull--he must have a good reason :D .....chris
Chris, I said he was thinking 330 WAS NOT big enough.....talked like he would hold out for bigger. Anybody but Greeny and I would call him a fool......but knowing him, I am just waiting for the pic of some giant ass whopping bull to be posted
....he's the closest thing to Babe Ruth pointing at the left field wall as we have on here.......

....he must have a great honeyhole where a couple of roads intersect!
I heard he gained 38 Pounds and isn't in shape..... Although I hear all the big bulls are by the roads now a days anyways .. ;)

He didn't let us down last year in the Rifle season. He shouldn't this year.

But for Christ sake folks, He's killed a B&C or P&Y bull almost every year for the last Umteen years. Sometimes even those guys have an Off year...... Uhhhhmmm.. NAHHHHH !!! :D
You know, expecting somebody to take impossibly big bulls or bucks every year puts a kind of pressure on them that starts taking the fun out of it after awhile. Kinda like the news media saying it was a disappointment that Michael Phelps ONLY got 6 gold medals in the Olympics this summer. What would you guys think if Greenhorn shot an average bull?

I hope Greenhorn just goes out and has a great time hunting this year, whether he gets anything or not. Same for Raybow, even though he already got a real nice bull again.
Yeah, what Ithaca 37 said. Greenhorn said he had a great lead road hunting in that one post with his kids in the vehicle. That sounds pretty good to me! What a guy!

I would think he had mercy on the other hunters, if he shot a less than gigantic bull. Probably, noone would get the big one, if he doesn't though, eh?
Ithica..... Greenhorn wouldn't drop the Hammer on an Average bull. If someone said he did I'd call them a liar. If he called me up and said he did I'd call him a liar. I'm guesing it's all or nothing. That's my bet and I'm sticking to it.

And I know Greeny, He is like me (Except he kills big chit) He will have fun hunting every time he hits the Field. Hell, the last time we went out he Crapped in my boots... NOW THATS fun !!!! ;)

The day the Fun stops is the Day he'll hang his weapon. No need to worry about that bud

I know were Greeny hunts, it's almost on the road.....Hell, It's almost like hunting in a ZOO it's so easy.... :rolleyes:
you know the more I think of it that 330 score was probably just one side!!!!! He does indeed bring the the bacon home---but damn now we're giving him a big head(bigger head) and he'll hold out for like a 600 inch bull with 4 main beams---I bet he has a blast--we all do---can't wait for the pics--go get 'em greenhorn-chris
Csutton. Note I said He won't shoot an "AVERAGE" bull (But what do I know
)... a 300 bull isn't average, It's a DAM good bull. Ask 100 posters on here whats the Average bull they shot.......

....a 330 is even less then average ;)
What would you guys think if Greenhorn shot an average bull?
I would say I finally have a chance at getting something better than he did ;)

seriously, Ive been watching greeny shoot animals since he was on huntinfo, he is a truely amazing hunter, he does his homework and gets what he sets out for.

Just the will power to not shoot the first 300+ bull you see demands respect.

if greeny shot a semi trophy spike he would have the same respect from me he does now.

I'm with Mossie;
A 300 bull in my book isn't average at all. Weather it is with a rifle or a bow I'd take it any year I could and be damn happy to do it. I have never hunted Montana but I do know that those bulls in Washignton are few and far between on public hunting ground and would assume they are in many other states as well. It's one thing to see em and a total other thing to get em especially with a bow-let alone any other thing.
Knock it off guys. I've had some great luck over the years but I'm not definately not quite as picky as you are making me out to be. I've never taken a B&C elk and have turned down very few archery shots at an elk that would score over 300.

This season has been great, I'll give a quick summary. I've been out over 10 days. I missed a bull (twice) on opening day that I don't think was 330. A few days later, I missed one that I'm pretty sure was a giant, but I didn't get a really good look at him due to the circumstances. Yesterday afternoon, while hunting with a younger friend of mine, I tried to get a bull that was probably in the 300-320 range. He had a really neat rack and was raising hell, screaming and glunking, and chasing smaller bulls around.. it was probably the most exciting part of my season so far. He was with about 40 cows, another very young 6X6, a spike, and a very small raghorn. I could have taken shots at the other bulls but they were very small.

I was hoping the guy I took along would try for the bigger bull, but he wasn't interested, even though he has never taken an elk. The reason is that he has a Missouri Breaks rifle permit for elk in his pocket. When he suggested for me to go for it there wasn't any hesitation! :D I got to full draw (40 yards) but didn't have a clear shot through the cows around him. I spotted these elk while driving around with my kids the evening before while glassing for moose (another friend has a permit). I'm probably going to be hunting during gun season for elk (2nd year in a row now) and doubt I will get a chance to get out again for elk with my bow. I have a friend with a mountain goat tag and also a date with a nice pronghorn in a couple of weeks (similar to the one Buzz's wife shot).

I have some places I've wanted to rifle hunt elk for a while and I'm damn excited about hunting elk in the later part of the season. I like hunting elk in the snow and in the last ten years, I've only hunted one day for myself in November (last year). I'm hopeful I'll get one and if I do I'll be happy with it. I'd like to get a really big one, but if I do get an elk, it'll no doubt be one I'm happy with, even if it's a last day raghorn.
And Delw... good luck with the elk and antelope. Hope to see some action photos, especially of your kids.
AHHhhhh look at Greeny, He's become a dad for the 2nd time and Getting soft on us ;)

Next time I see ya Kurt I'm going to crap in your shoes..... ;)

Seriously though, Good luck to ya. You're not hunting the "Casino" are ya in the snow ? And what happened to that bull you sent me a picture of ? Did it disapear ? You know thats what happens when you hunt by them roads, the cars and mini vans scare them off eventually
Hey Greeny,

Just how many days can you actually, by law, get to hunt up in MT on your "normal" tag?

My draw tag in Idaho for a nice Bull unit will allow me 10 days in November.No days of archery.

Most of our General seasons are 10-20 days with Rifle for branch bulls, but archery would be limited to spikes/cows with that same tag.
Gunner, you asked Spazz but Can I answer that ?

Deer & elk archery September 4, 2004 October 17, 2004
Deer & elk general October 24, 2004 November 28, 2004

When I went over with him I remember missing the Last weekend of our deer (Last week of Oct) to hunt the opening of Elk there with him (Sucker talked me into it). Although we got close to a "AVERAGE" 7 point bull ;) we didn't score. I'm guessing I should have skipped that opening of Elk and stayed and filled my forked horn Deer tag

Gunner, remember when we didn't have "ZONES" or choose your weapons here in Idaho.... AHhhh the good ol' days :D
Greeny does sound softer.....being a dad must be working a magic on him. ;)

....good luck Kurt, not that you need a lot.....
I think he just needs Pug to start posting again ;) DS, can you call your ol' bud for us and ask him ?!?!?

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