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Going scouting.......

Have a good time Moose.
Im heading out now to find Mr.Black bear :D

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Good luck Kraven and Moosie, I'm gonna go do some scouting my self. Maybe turkey or pig, haven't decided if I want a ham sandwich or a turkey sandwich. :D :D :D
Well my reporrt from the bear hunting is.... The mountain was completely fogged in today.The visibility was 30-35 yards and got worse the deeper into the canyons I went.So we packed up a bit early,no luck this week maybe the weather will be better next weekend.
Oh boy, I'll look forward to pictures tomorrow when I get home from school, then again, do we really want to see them Moosie?? :D :D :D
TK.... Uhhh HAve you ever seen STEVE ERWIN (Crock hunter)in his Undies holding a snake and Saying "CRIKES"....

WELL.... GET out the cable modem because Tomorrow you will see him... Or someone that will be talking like him holding a snake.... HAHAHA !! HAHAH ! HAHAH !!!

Uhhhh.. HAHAHA hehehehe... MAN I can't wait to show ya :D :D :D
You got bear pics kewl Moose.
Well Im in the right area just couldnt see far at all today 30-35 yards not far if you doing spot and stalk hunting.I'll check the pics out tomorrow. :D
Uhhhhh they're with all the hats ;)

OOPS, I emailed then to some friends but never posted them :( Soorry

To be honest with you, It was a sow and 2 cubs. The pics are cool, but you couldn't have shot her anyways !!! Wylee and me got within ohhh.... 30 yards at one time of them and have like 20 min's of Video...The little cub Ran up a tree, then the other one did, and MOMMA never new we were there...

The little ones came out the tree and they started twards us... AT 40 yards after some Whistleing.. We stood up.. MOMMA took1- steps twards us then turned around and Started walking off.... ALL in all it was cool and the y were never really scared. Not like me at least ;) HAHA

BUD, In the AM, I swear !!!!
LOL ;) ;)That sounds great I cant wait to see the pics man.

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