Goat Story - pics to come


Dec 17, 2000
Bountiful, Utah
This is a little long, but heck, it is my first antelope.

I had to go out by myself for my last few hours of hunting for antelope. Not used to this because I like to have someone along to help with the work. :D
Anyway, I made sure to get out before daylight to try and jump something getting out of its warm bed. Thursday we had a bunch of snow here and it seemed like the animals were going nuts. I went to the place I figured I would get mine and saw nothing. I tried somewhere else about 1/2 mile away and still nothing. I began to glass the hills in frustration when I spotted a herd of about 15 feeding along the same road I came in on. I didn't try to get any closer because it seems like they recognize my truck from 1500 yards and bolt. I made my way to a drainage ditch that would put me about 200 yards from the herd. Couldn't tell if there was a buck because I forgot the spotting scope, just had the binocs. I ended up belly crawling about a mile (according to GPS) through the clod mud left by the melted snow. When I got to where I thought the goats were I emerged from the ditch and saw nothing. I inched my way over a little rise and spotted the herd from about 150 yards. All of them were just lying in the sun. I got my shot off on what I thought was a nice little buck (any buck during the last hours is good). It was hard to judge him at the angle I had.

I put the scope in the middle of his chest and fired. All I saw was 4 legs go up in the air and he didn't move. Went back to get the truck and when I got back to him he was trying to get up and run away. I was kinda scared of him coming back from the dead so I put another one through his chest and that did the job.

The hurt back part is from trying to load him into my truck. 3" lift on 33" tires. I was in the bed pulling him up and slipped on a wet spot. Nailed my back on the spare tire. Not a good feeling.

THe two pictures I am sending to Moosie to get posted are of me and my 4 year old hunting buddy after I got home. She was unable to go that morning unfortunately. The second is of the goat where he dropped.

He was 14" high with 6" bases on both horns. Nearly symmetrical on both horns. Even has the same little sticker points on the inside of the prongs.