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Bruce A. Kennedy

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Aug 3, 2003
We all have little tips and tricks that we have, and sometimes forget to share them with others.

One of my favorite tips is, "Listen to the Birds." When you are on a stand, and especially in the brushy country, always listen to those birds. They will sound the alarm when a critter is in their area. Just listen to them when you are walking into a stand - they tell on you too.

If you are watching at 12:00 and the birds start sounding off at 7:00, always turn in that direction and have your gun ready. You would be surprised at how many times, this little move will make a difference.

OK, who is up with another good tip?
The best advice I can give anyone is........................Do not hunt in Arizona, Nevada or California. They are all shot out, no more coyotes, SORRY.
Flush the toilet, put the seat back down, put your dirty clothes in the hamper...

oops, sorry, that's for the house...

Listen with the birds, not just to them
Don't slam the truck door. Sit down in the shade and make sure you got a round in the chamber before you start calling. When hunting with Tim Behle, never accept an extra mild breakfast burrito from him.

That's why you have to use a cassette caller when you hunt with Tim. If you can't feel your lips, it's impossible to blow a hand call.
And yes Bruce, it's also hard to draw a bead on a coyote when your eyes are watering.

Bruce has mentioned to me many times about listening to the birds, and how they can cue you on a predators approach. Trouble is, I can't hear worth a shit any more
....BUT, my tip is watch the birds, many times they flush and scatter when a predator is coming to the call, so if you can't hear, use the next best faculity you have, watch the birds.
Gee you try to be nice and fix good food for some folks!

I fixed a small cooler full of burrito's. I told him the one's with Salsa were on one left, the ones with out on the right.

Was it my fault he opened the cooler from the wrong side and got one of my habanera laced treats?

Crow Woman, I throw my dirty clothes in the laundry room, I'm the only one in the house ( Including the wife ) who gets them that close. And given a choice, I'd rather go outside and pee on a Yucca, ( they don't have lids ) the dogs like to join in and make it a social occasion.

Life is rough here in the desert, but we still manage to have fun.
I had a friend like Tim once. His mom would drop off a big bowl of homemade salsa. He would have me over for burritos. I really like hot food but after about two bites you were hic-upping backwards. Hard to eat when yer' all vapor locked. Then when you take a crap the next day your a-hole gets cauterized! LOL!

Anyway, here is the tip. Any of you fellas that have the generous inseam of around 32" like me will appreciate it.

If you use one of those foam buttpads to sit on, you can keep your britches from getting hung up on those five wire fences. Just lay your buttpad on the fence where your crotch usually might hang up and it will keep you from snaggin' the jewels. Many of you probably do it already.

Take care, Curt

You didn't have luck with cronk calls?

I have his howler and its the best I've used so far.

I'm not saying its the best howler out there. But I've had good luck with mine.

I'd like to try a higgins call this year cuz I heard they are awsome!

Guess I'll have to get a second mortgage!

Just kiddin' rich
Another tip

Sometimes when you take a rifle you'll wish ya had a shotgun.

And sometimes when you take a shotgun you'll wish ya had a rifle.

Hump em both and ya probably won't see shit!
Here is a good tip, but it takes a little practise, and that is learn to slowly turn your head to the left or right when you hear a noise. Of course, when that noise is coming up from the rear, I still want to break and run.
Ya know, every time I see a bicyclist with those neat looking rear view mirrors on their glasses, I think, "Now that might just work." Has anyone tried the mirror thing?

Thanks alot!

Now I have this mental image of a guy sitting on a ladder, holding a 17, an airdale down below and he has a camo painted bicycle helmet on his head!

Edited to add the ghillie suit

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