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Nov 21, 2001
Being as I did not draw my AZ elk tag, like that was a surprise :rolleyes: , I need some info.

Colorado...are the late over the counter hunts worth the effort for a non-resident???

Colorado...would I be better off to go at the first of September and buy archery tag across the counter???

Idaho...when and where are the across the counter tags, dates and locations???

Idaho...across the counter, which weapon are the tags for, bow, rifle, or muzzle loader and what are the restrictions on modern muzzle loaders???

I really hate to have to take the easy way out and buy an elk from ole bob :D

Arizona...this is for you Del...can a nonresident buy a tag to bowhunt deer, if so what else can be slain also??? And when is this season? I called Martin this morning to tell him we didn't draw and he still wants to go to AZ to KILL something

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hi flipper maybe this can help. All of the AZ archery deer hunts are over the counter at this time. There is a season in January for the entire month.Also Javalina season runs the entire month of January. I for desert mullies and whitetail in the desert that month. In Sept. I hunt the high country for mullies. There is also a season in Dec. that runs about 15 days from befor christmas to Dec.31.I hope this helps. If you would like I can send you a set of 2002 regs to look at for more detail.
Ithaca thanks for the links...but done been there and still don't know. Would like to hear word of mouth instead of tryin to read it ;)

Azcharlie I have a regs book for AZ :D

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Yes I do indeed Del :D

So get us a game plan together so I can chase my 1st elk ;)

BTW....Elkhunter called me this morning here at work and he was absolutely no help

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Flipper.....if you are planning an archery hunt in Colorado, I would think the closer you get to the peak of the rut, the better your chances are for success. In my estimation, the first of September is just a little too early. You can purchase a cow only license if meat is your priority for half the cost of an either sex license, I think......Anyway, I think after the middle of the month would be preferred. Good Luck whatever you do.
"Idaho...when and where are the across the counter tags, dates and locations???

Idaho...across the counter, which weapon are the tags for, bow, rifle, or muzzle loader and what are the restrictions on modern muzzle loaders???"

Just go here and click on "regulations" and "Licenses":

The license site has toll free numbers to call and use your credit card.

General information:

Idaho hunting/fishing info, regulations and nonresident applications
New question....are the leftover draw tags any better than the over the counter tags in Idaho??? They seem to have quite a few leftover. :confused:
Yes, generally the draw tags are in more desireable units because those units have controlled numbers of hunters and better quality trophies. Many times, though, the leftover draw tags are for cow elk. You'll have to get specific about a unit (or a few) though, before we can get specific about quality. Some of the leftover controlled tags are in units that are harder to access. I don't hunt elk anymore so I don't keep up with the latest developments in elk trophy quality and success for individual units. Somebody around here probably does.
Elk tags go on sale in UT this THursday. I plan on buying for my dad and I, this'll be our first attempt at elk. If you are interested let me know and I'll do some on the ground work for you. Just a thought.
Flipper, I don't know crap about Elk draws Either. I never put in for them.....

As far as Flatland elk hunting, I don't know much about that either. All I now is there are big hills were I hunt And We're learning more every year.

Uhhh Ithica was doing a good job I though
Thanks Tom but I never did find an area for "zone elk"

I'm startin to lean towards the "flat land" elk hunt in Texas with ole bob :D
Well, that Boss Ranch out in West Texas has hunts, but they're expensive for big bulls and I don't know about cows. Its legal if they'll let you shoot one. I don't know what that Idaho zone elk are either, it must be a missprint there with something missing. In Texas you just call up the Boss ranch place, for example, make an appointment for whenever you and they agree, you hunt with whatever weapon you want or multiple weapons and you just go do it. They have 320 plus free ranging elk, the liscense is over the counter $35 for 5 days or $70 for 10, or $100 for all year if you wanted to make more trips for hogs, javelina, and exotics some other time of the year. The hunting year here is Sept.1 to Aug.31. I don't think Ol Bob has elk hunting on his place but he may know some places to do it besides the Boss ranch,
Thanks again Tom...but I guess I forgot to mention that I am cheap :D

7500.00 is a little steep for me :eek:

I think ole bob will sell me one alot cheaper than that and I go pick it up, bring it home and shoot it. :D

But Del and I have finally got a hunt together, (fingers crossed), up Colorado way ;)
Flipper, don't forget to fasten everything down real good if you are going with Del. You just might find yourself going home with a lot less than you went with ;)
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