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Geeze I miss shooting these things


Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Dan remember the good old days about 15 years ago when we could run through thousands fo rounds of ammo with out even changing spots?


I remember one weekend shooting 2300 rounds in 2 1/2 days... Probably scored 1 out of every three shots and not taking a shot over 300 yards.... Crusin' up and down Rt. 66 and shooting across the hood of the blazed.... Tim didn't mind, but the Yavapai sheriff was seriously pissed..... Dee Dee and the Route 66 Motel..... the Copper Cart..... Lots of great memories...

Maybe again soon... or maybe not...

Elky I met dan up there.. at that time I had been going pretty much every weekend for 2 years with three guys... The P-dogs where think in AZ.... We would take our dillion reloaders and reload ammo in the motel rooms....

My Daughter took them for me at the zoo today.... She said she misses shooting them also
I had a disagreement with a fisher woosie at the new Ohio board I go to about this. He said it was wrong to shoot them if ya dont eat them. Some people just dont understand. (LOL I called him a peta person which ticked him off a little
Here are some more of the little buggers.

This was a great summer job, I was paid to control prairie dogs with shooting and live trapping.
Cool mtmiller, do you build your own traps to trap those p-dogs?? If not what kind do you use?? Sounds like a pretty fun job if you ask me.
The traps I used were built in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. I started out with 100 traps, but used as many as 600 during a trapping session. My best day was over 500 dogs trapped.
What do you mean the old day's I still shoot the little bugger's till I'm tired of shooting. My be you need to try the panhandle of Oklahoma, there is gajeelions of them out there.
Handloader AZ pretty much shut down P-dog hunting, Dont get me wrong they still have it but they reintroduced the ferrets and all the good areas are closed.... Then the places people know about are packed... I still have a few good areas that Only I know about finding them by accedent....

Would love to make a run to Ok. co wy or even montana for p-dogs... I shot quite a few up in malta (montana) about 10 years ago
How do you say "RED MIST"
We have the "great northern columbia basin thompson's ground squirel" (or whatever they call them this week) residing in our arid country of South Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Shoot 'em till your nose bleeds!
I have trapped several thousand over the years and nearly all of them were used to precondition black-footed ferrets.


Before the prairie dogs are fed out, they go through a 14-day quarantine period. At that point, we either feed live to captive ferrets (my favorite way) or they are euthanized, frozen and fed throughout the year.

Ninety percent of the pdogs I trapped originated from private land.

It will be interesting to see what happens if the black-tailed prairie dog is listed under the ESA (right now it is a candidate species). May have to "take" one listed species to save another.
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