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Geese out back


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May 22, 2004
Southern Alberta
Geese winter in the field behind my place and stay all winter except the couple of weeks it's really cold -25 and colder. They show back up as soon as it gets warmer. They get so load you have to turn up the TV in the house.
OK I'll build the addition on who else is coming?
Hey this could turn into something, I know enough guys that I may be able together a decent party. 2 or 3 guys I know each with 2 hunter host permits adds up to 6-10 guys for a week. Something to work towards.
Well, if you are expecting any geese to hit the ground when Moosie is shooting, it is pretty much a given that I am required....

You might go browse thru the Waterfowl section for a few of the "Adventures with..." threads.... Kinda explain Moosie's , umm,, err,, shooting skills.... :D ;) :D
I am all in and I will even bring someone to haul birds. ;)

Don't worry, he was only 7 mo. when this shot was taken and is now even more of an ice-breaking retrieven' machine.


Heck, I am spitting distance from Lethbridge anyway. :D
Hey MT,

You sure got some scrawny geese up that way...They're no bigger than a duck... Maybe Axl better come hang with me, where our geese are full size....


And I even have a back-up Gunner, if Axl wants to play....
Woops, soory. We do have some big ducks around here as well. ;)

Sometimes there are enough to wear out Axl.

But sometimes, he is rather protective of what he brings back.

Man, I am starting to get fired up for waterfowling already.
HEy NOW>........

Ducks.... :


Or Geese :


I'm there !!!!!

Powderburn, We have some geese here too, but count us in. And no need to build anything, We can Camp or sleep in a motel. We are Easy hunters !!!

Gunner, do't nueter your Fetch dog yet, He still has one more kid to kick out in a few years :D
I will be picking up 3 doz. full body GHG honk decoys next week...if there is seriously going to be a hunt (especially an early hunt), I would consider!


Smalls... Isn't ND the state that has a Spring Goose hunt with like a BILLION geese coming into it ? and you don't need permission to hunt private land if it's not posted because of all the Stinkin' birds ? You should be inviting us there !!!
Um...waterfowl in ND, I have no idea what you are talking about... ;)

I don't know if you could handle ND waterfowl hunting Moosie. It often involves late night planning sessions with a plethora of booze combined with lots of naps in the layout blinds.

But if your interested, come on down, we'll save a bird or two for you (plus you don't need hunter helpers or whatever they're called in canadia).
If it would be worth my time (I like to shoot alot
) I'm there... Lemme know the Particulars and How many out-of-staters you can Hold and we'll get the Posse' going :D
I am in if there is a get together to shoot birds.

I have 5 finisher layout blinds and 5 dz GHG full bodies as well as a few duck decoys.
ND is close for me, As is Canada.

Let me look into things to try and put something together. One thing that comes to mind is a late season honker hunt along the Missouri River. Usually after big game seasons and alot less pressure. Couple that with some late season pheasant perhaps? Could be an option...