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Dec 9, 2000
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We have 2 and Will buy 2 more this year... Does anyone that Baits use them ? I'm guessing we'll get alot of pictures
I'd like to see a decent priced didgital trail can as well. It sure would beat developing film.....and would probably pay for itself over a seasons use.
I haven't found a Cheap one yet...

I'll stick to 35 Mil until they do. I can Develope alot of film for the $500 they want for it
I have an inexspensive 35 mm that works good and takes great pictures.Works excellent on bear baits Moosie.Only hassle is having to keep bringing film down to get developed.It can also take a while to finish out a film.
My wife bought me a Game VU digital for christmas.What a slick unit this is.Still learning it right now.Black and white only and the pictures arent 35mm quality BUT it is some cool unit.You can go to the camera in the woods,plug into it, and see the images right then.I havent used it for this yet but here is my theory.Set this up on a bear bait when I am guiding hound hunters next fall.Bait is hit.I plug into the camera and check out what was actually there last night.Now, If I see a small bear,sow with cubs, coyotes ,etc.. I dont turn dogs down at that bait.If its a good bear, away they go.This is how I hope it will work anyways.Its a little high tech for some but I think it could definatly be a real plus in not wasting time running what we wouldnt shoot anyways !!
Oh Yeah, price on the Game VU was $300 and the monocular for field viewing is another $100.

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George, I can Develope ALOT of Film for $300.

I'm guessing in a Year or Two I'll get a Digi camera for the Woods. Right now I'm investing in 2 more $79 ~ 35 mm ones for this year.
How many rolls of film do you think you will go through Moosie? With 4 going, I would think that would be a hell of a lot of film. $79 for a trail cam seems pretty damn cheap too.
How are you guys protecting your trail cams from bear damage? The WV bear were really working them over this past fall and seveal people lost the whole unit to bears ripping them down and carrying off.
I've seen several picture of a bear's gullet. Amusing if it wasn't so expensive.

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1/4round, We've lost timers, Etc in the Past too. I think the Key is NOT tp get any food or the likes on any part of the Camera. I've made that mistake in the Past by gettign Greese on my Boot then climbing the Tre stand. Lemme tell ya looking up at the tree starnd All Ripped up isn't fun eithe
Lesson Learned.

We're Overly Carefull on changing film first and All that and Using Wet wipes or such to make sure hands are clean.
Often this is happening on deer stands with the broadcast feeders and shelled corn. We are not permitted to bait bear or kill them incidental to coming into deer bait. My opinion they can smell the human scent on the camera unit and just tear it up for the devil of it. For sure if you are baiting with typical bear baits or handling the camera after a snack you've increased your risk.
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