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Probably the NFL’s or NBC’s call but one theory is they consulted with Taylors PR team and found that a large portion of her Midwest fanbase are cheeseheads.

So as to not alienate tgem, they didnt show her wearing a KC jersey.

On the other hand, best explanation is she probably wasnt there?
No, I heard she was there. I was at the game and I meant that the jumbotron never showed her although they showed Tony Shalhoub (born and raised in Green Bay) and Charlie Berens.
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Montana vs. Furman game is what college football SHOULD be all about. Great game with both teams giving it all they got while fans from both sides are going crazy in the stands. I don't have a dog in this race, but have enjoyed watching this game tonight more than any of the NIL rostered/Money Hording Programs of the FBS.
That personal foul revamped Furman. Amazing...

Been rough and tough D then a pass interference and Furman capitalizes.
I'll be cheering for the Vandals for the glimpse of an Idaho vs Montana ballgame.

That said, Dakota State North and South are rockets! Here's to hoping we find chinks in their armor...


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