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Jul 16, 2016
upstate NY
I am wondering what YOUR first western DIY hunt was, and what you may suggest for others?

On a secondary/personal question:
I would love to find a "fun" DIY hunt in Idaho, Wyoming, southern Montana, Northern Utah, north west Colorado, Oregon since my brother-in-law lives just outside Boise, his best friend growing up is now living in Salt Lake City, and northern would include a trip to Yellowstone so I know I could get the support crew of my brother-in-law to join in any of those areas
-looking for something "fun" as my wife has mentioned MAYBE she would be willing to go to see her brother so I figure late summer/fall is fine but she won't want to hike around with us when it's below freezing/snowy/cold-wind all day frost in the AM is fine but not looking late season
-rifle hunts
- prefer OTC tag(s)
-willing to go with a guided/semi-guided hunt (I saw one but lost the info you hunt in the fall bring family back in the summer cheap/free for a pack trip which I think my wife would enjoy since we both ride)
-looking for a reasonable chance of success if we put in our time that also offers some nice sight seeing/views as some of it will be hiking with my wife (and rifle, binos, ect...)


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Dec 6, 2014
Central MN
Last year was my first real weatern DIY trip my wife and I took. Went to NE Wyoming on a leftover tag antelope hunt in early October. We had lots of fun, camped on blm, had success and wasn't to strenuous of a trip. It was a great way for us to get started on more weatern hunts.


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Dec 20, 2000
Since you put "fun" in the description, I'd suggest you buy points now for pronghorn in WY and if possible UT as well. Might take a few points to garantee a draw, but the SW corner of WY has a ton of public land and pronghorns. It's a super easy drive from SLC and not too bad at all from Boise. It'll take a bit longer, but some of the pronghorn units in northern UT would be a fun, easy hunt as well. The units near Bear Lake would make for a good trip as there's some very neat country to see while looking for pronghorn and/or after shooting one.

Since you brought up the idea of a 'semi-guided' hunt, there are LOTS of cow elk opportunities in No. Utah for reasonable prices. Start contacting the CWMU's in the areas you'd like to hunt and see what they offer. Some sell cow tags outright and others give all of theirs through the state draw.
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