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First Test Tomorrow !!!

George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
I have tomorrow off.I had a choice,go turkey hunting or rig the dogs.I picked rig the dogs.I am just dying to see how the dogs work from the rig.I may put the shock collars on them and test them a little.Then again I probably wont.It is the first time I have them out with me and I dont want to mess up their heads by not turning onto a bear strike,if we get one, but shocking them on off game.What do you guys think?We cant run bears till July 15 and no,I would never dare take the chance !!! My luck I would end up treed in someones backyard.LOL
Man bad situation, don't know what to tell ya, move to Idaho??? You can basically run bear from April 15-Sept 31 here, you might have to skip around a few units to make it work but thats what it comes down too
Have fun George
I think I would leave the shock collors of for this tripp and just see what they do.Theres plenty of time for corecting latter.
Our Bears are out and about up here.I have been bissier than a one legged man in a arss kikking contest.Ice whent out today and all 7 camps I take care of have called in the last 2 weeks with a ton of work to be done before they come and I haven't been able to get to half of them!! Plus I have fisherman coming next week.Hopefully I will find time to take some hounds for a ride too.Sure wiss that ice stayed in one more week
Rigged about 2 hrs this morning.Never got a bark.Dogs hunted real good from the top of thew box.They have definately been there before.Didnt go out till 730 and it was in the 80's already.Man is it hot here.Never seen anything like it.
Would have got out earlier but went to a comedy show last night.headlined ny Jeff Foxworthy.Also Larry the cable guy and 2 others.What a riot.after listening to them ,no doubt in my mind,I am a redneck !!!!!
Hey George. sounds like you and Tobey better have your sunscreen on, 90s in Maine!!! Now you know how i feel!!!! Damn Hot Weather.The only thing worse here than hot, is hot with 40 mph breese. I want to fish for two weeks,then Fall. KW
Heys George,
I bet next time the dogs will bark for ya. The only thing bad about that is not being able to turn them loose.....good luck
Tobey, i got your letter.Thanks alot. my new dog is being shipped next week.On paper,and peoples words, I am in the great position of haveing more dog power for bears than i need. i hope that turns out to be true.Time will tell.This new dog,Boone, is just turning 4 this year.He is a reg walker.The seller says he is the best dog he has ever owned,bar none.My buddy and i have bought 3 dogs from him in the last 2 years and they were all keepers and as advertised.Tobey ,do you know Gordon wilder from N.H. ? i hooked him up with this guy last year.he spent good money to buy a finished top rig dog from him.He told me it turned out to be as good a rig dog as he has ever owned. This is where i got Rock and Whiskey from and I have been totally pleased with both.Ya, I am a little anxious !!!!
George the guy your gettin this dog from is in Washington did I hear you say once....what does he hunt bear for the timber companys up there or what?
No , I dont believe he hunts for the timber co.'s Gatoman.I believe he bear hunts for pleasure only. He does own some logging operations though.he told me that before.
Well ya can't run dogs in washington on bear and just pleasure hunt, he must be on some timber companys land, was just curious is all, I know few people that hunt on timber companys land, thats all just curious :D :D
Hay George
With all that dog power you think you mite forget where you left Wisky :rolleyes: Sould have another letter that same size coming this week.Thanks for giving me some time
Gato man, I have mentioned in the past that my buddy lives on an indian reservation,I figured you had seen it.He can run year round there.Frpm what he says there is aton of game there too.
Tobey, No problem.I am not worried about it.
Nope George never have read that before now I know
Dont forget guys.I did say on paper.Of course ,on paper, the Red Sox should have won the world series several times in the past but they never have !!!!Time will tell.
Tobey, I just came back from a surprise 40th bday party for Alan C. There was a bunch of different guys there asking about you.I told them you had switched teams and was living in Ogunquit Beach with some old retired ballet dancer named Pierre!!!!
I use to like the Red Socks back in the days of Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, Mike Greenwell and Elis Burks, anymore with the high salarys players are makin exspecially with the most recent deals kinda spoiled it for me, don't hardly ever catch a game anymore, loved to play it but can;t hardly watch a game anymore without a 1 hr nap in between the 3-7 :D
Gee Thanks George
I bet they where all Jelos wheren't they :D Didn't I tell you Piarre Died from Aids :eek: :eek:

By the way what did you do with Miller??? I haven't seen him Post cents you whent after them Hounds.You end up trading him for the dogs??? Or did that big mean Bear dog of his get crushed by the fat lady and he's in Morning :D
Tobey, dan called me tonight.Said he just bought those 4 blue dogs from Bob.I think they are all blues anyways.He said these were the ones that came from Wisc. Are those the ones you hunted with?
I hunted with the female Bob bought first.He sold her to Peeters.Then when't and got the rest.I never hunted with them but herd they wheren't what they where saposto be.Dan caled me too when he bought them said he knew the man they came from and they where good dogs and he would come here and by them back and give Dan a $1,000 profit on them.Dan also ended up with several other hounds in the deal.One was my old Horn Just a pack dog that he alredy sold for twice as much as i sold him for.Wich is 3 times what he's worth :eek:

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