Film length combined day by day hunts


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Sep 7, 2018
I've tried searching for this topic, so apologies if I missed it somewhere.

I'm just catching up on the various types of content: podcasts, YouTube, Amazon, forums. It has been a multi month binge of information and entertainment.

In a couple of the podcasts from 2017, Randy and Marcus discuss combining the day by day hunts currently being posted to you tube into a single film length episode of Fresh Tracks on Amazon.

Did anything ever come of that idea? I would absolutely watch a single episode that covers details from every day in the hunt. I'm still learning, and it seems a lot of the lessons are in where not to go and how to put oneself in a position to see game and have a chance at taking it.

In any case, count me as a vote for seeing as much of a hunt as possible. Regardless of length.