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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Anyone Chasing them this fall ? I'm left without a tag.. BUT I always see bigger ones Elk hunting then In the spring.. You'd think I'd learn
AHHH crap, You are Correct SIR !!! And hopefully I get to use it

MAN, My minds So much in the Mush I forgot I will have one

AHHH I love hutning bear !!! LET a blacky fall in AK at the Wrath of the 300 !!!! Buuuuahhahah !!!!
Besides keeping my eyes peeled for blackie and grizz in AK next month, I have also been invited to go up to the panhandle here in Idaho to hunt blackies. Oh, and if have no luck w/ grizz in AK in Sept, then I am already making arrangements to hunt the Alaska Peninsula for coastal brownies this May. AND, I have in the works for right now a (trophy) black bear hunt and blacktail hunt on Prince of Wales island for Sept/Oct next year.

You know, if your "Hunt Talk" caribou hunt didn't pan out, the Prince of Wales hunt would be a good one too. You can actually drive and ferry it the entire way...just a thought.

The POW black bear hunt would be a good "HuntTalk" hunt. Cheap, and you can get everybody back to gether at night. The Caribou hunt would not be as "social".

There are some Charter guys who will drop you off on a remote part of the island, or another island, and leave you a skiff.

Or, maybe get Muskeg to put together a "party" hunt, as he knows the area well...
Whats a POW bear hunt cost ?

I'm guesing 'bou is the Favorite for alot of folks though... BUT if I time it right.. I could do one then Slip over for the other
If a POW hunt takes place, I just might have to make that one. I've always wanted to hunt the SE.
36 hours of driving, I think, to Prince Rupert and the ferry. then you are on the island. Sleep in a tent, it is free. Rent a Forest Service cabin, $25 per night... Alaska Bear tag, $225, (I think) and hunting is $85.

Food is food, beer is beer... You can haul them up if you are driving, and you have to eat anyway, so that is not a "marginal" cost.

That gets you to "road hunting". Then, if you want the extras, like skiffs or charter boats, it adds up, but I would think it could be planned ahead, for a reasonable cost.

Big bears up there.....

A POW hunt would cost me chump change. For the non-res, your looking at $910 for a license ($85), black bear tag($225), and four deer tags($150). Throw in the cost of fuel to Prince Ruepert, the ferry fee (gotta check on this one, but the charge is based on vehicle (per axle) which includes the driver, and then a fee per person after that. I think for a party of four and a p/u it would be about $125-$150 per person...again I would have to check. We could do as Elkgunner said, or we could drive the logging roads and rent a skiff for bear, and then do a backpack style hunt for deer which would involve spike camps and the such.

Muskeg is definitely the expert on this area. However, this is a primo "do it yourself" type hunt. Johnnie has been great to me in the past as far as providing information...he is a wealth of knowledge. However, this is one I think could be done without the use of a guide. Now if you want goat, or want to hunt anywhere else other than POW, then Johnnie's services would be invaluable.
Oh...and might I add this would take place at the end of Sept, beginning of Oct, while the bears were down low and the deer were up high. I already planned to go there...I hope I have my slide in camper by then.
See Moosie, you already have 3 of us set up... (Ovis, LBG, and me...), and you haven't done sh*t for planning.

If you want to come up to the Valley on Thursday, and Moosie and Co. come out to dinner, you are welcome to come try YOUR salmon recipe...
Honestly, this is a relatively "cheap" hunt...probably cheaper then the Canadian hunt you guys have done (no disrespect to Casey), and you guys weeerrreee planning on doing another bear hunt. You could still do both, the bou and the bear. If I take a grizz next month, I may be up to the caribou hunt on the Dalton, however in the event I don't...well, I am gone to the AK-PEN.


Work is going to be busy the next 1 1/2 weeks, but I think Thursday would be doable for dinner. A very nice offer...thank you. Does "My own private Idaho" translate to Boise or the vicinity? I am all but out of "fresh" salmon from AK, plenty of smoked though. However, I do have a reasonable amount of cod and halibut in the freezer. I could make my "famous" beer battered halibut if you think this would help stuff the faces of all. I've got a propane fryer I could toss in the back of the truck.
What if I go Hunting 'bou with the "BOYS" here on a trip mid Sept (i-week) then Drop over for another week to shoot a bear after you guys drive up ? That Way I don't have to be 36 Hours in a fuggin car with Elk Gunner and can Maximize my hunting time.. remember. It's ALL about timing.. BOY, My wife would be proud of me...

I'd rather Kill a Big bear then a bou though.. I'll have to see who is in For the Bou hunt though.

OHHH... Desicions Decisions
Moosie thinks to himself "I could slip out for a sheep instead of the bou hunt then Meet those guys..."

If you guys ever decide on a Prince of Wales hunt, make sure to let me know.

Personally, I'd spend a bit more on the ferry cost, and hunt Kuiu Island. You'd need to get a ferry to Kake, and rent (bring) a skiff for the best hunting, but there's a ton of roads on Kupreanof Island (right next to Kuiu) too. Not quite as much pressure, but there is a 120 non-resident bear limit each year. Spring would be much better.

I went there last May, and helped a non-resident (Oklahoma) take a 7'2" blackie, no rubs, and 21" plus skull.
B-DUB, WAZZ Up bud !!! I need input in the AK secytion.. LBG/OVIS/ and Elk gunner HAve a plan to tell me different things I think to make me pull me haor out

Will do on letting you know.. What does a guy do to take one of those 120 tags ? I liek the Spring Idea better. Getting into Oct is Deer hunting here, Ect.

I'm guessing a SKIFF is a boat and not the Mark in my Undies ?!?!

If you do it right, you may end up in AK enough to get the Dividend check and a Resident License, then you can hunt even more up there....

The problem with the Bou hunt for a HT hunt is that everybody would be dropped different directions, resulting in the only socializing being at the airport and on the Alaska Airlines flights. And the last Flight attendant I had on the way to Ketchikan in July was in no mood for my smart-a$$ comments..

I got dad his POW bear, so I get to inherit that thing, some day, but I would like to get my own....They are big up there...

The Estate is between Nampa and Caldwell. About 6 miles off the Freeway in Nampa or Caldwell.
Send me an e-mail to [email protected] and I can give you directions.
It looks like Moosie and Mrs. Moosie would be "dine and dash", so I would say this time I'll keep the food prep simple, and just do Salmon, Corn on the Cob, and something else that is easy... I have Kenai river Silvers, POW Silvers, Clam Gulch clams, and POW Halibut. If you prefer, I can get POW Kings, Kodiak Kings, or Kasilof Silvers from dad.

Your better off than I am in the cuisine department...damn!!!

Maybe I can bring a bowl of smoked salmon dip.

Unless plans have changed, I believe Moosie is wanting to do the Haul Rd trip. If that is the case, renting trucks from either Prudhoe Bay or Fairbanks would be the mode of transportation. There are plenty of places on the rd to make a camp large enough to house a rowdy Hunt Talk crowd. People will have the option of bowhunting off the rd, or packing in 5 miles for a rifle hunt. Everyone just needs to realize there are plenty of other "road hunters" up there.

I have some ideas of fly-in areas if this is what you are interested in as well.

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