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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Just got back from hunting in Colorado with my oldest boy and a friend of mine. No complaints and had a fantastic time.
Here's what is wearing my deer tag.

Side view with Big Sky Jr. at my side. It doesn't get any better than this!
Awesome deer Troy. How many points needed to draw your area? I need to get started trying to get a tag in CO, but haven't done much for research as of yet.

Any tips would be appreciated, and that includes you as well Oak.

How about a story on your buck and how did the rest of the crew do?

Amazing light for the picture as well. Well done on all accounts.
Thanks guys.

mtmiller, rather than re-type the whole thing hopefully Moosie won't mind if I hook you up with a link to another site with all the details. One other thing this unit required no preference points and I was able to draw it on my second choice therefore keeping my preference point. How many times do you get to get your cake and eat it too! Only problem is much of the land is private. In my case I had a good friend with excellent land. Anyway click on the web page link to read more.
web page

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Big Sky.. You know I like Rick B. Post a link anytime.

Congrats on the Little Elk, cuz it's to big to be a deer
Where is your Smile ??!??!?!
Moosie it was late by the time we got the deer out. I was up first thing that morning to pack things up and also take photos. Plus I had my mind on the long drive home with a vehicle that has a bad attitude. I was a little on the tired side by the time I got got around to posing for photos. Hence, the smile probably wasn't as wide as it should of been. I guarantee you the night before you couldn't wipe the smile of my face or shut me up as I was more than a little excited.

I don't know what it is about this buck but it didn't matter what angle I took a photograph he appears bigger than he really is. I don't want to mislead anyone. He is very nice, and I couldn't pass him up, but he's no monster either. I will also clue you in on one other thing he is not nearly as wide as he looks in the photo. Believe it or not he's barely over 23", but he has good tine length and mass. I'm guessing he will score in the mid 150's to maybe 160. I certainly won't complain as he's more than I ever expected from such a short hunt.
I was going to guess 22.5, You pulled his ears back in each photo, It's an Ol' Greenhorn trick. I found and read his book on taking pictures one day

It makes sence on being tiered !! I've been ther too after packing out a deer. But how did ya pack it out whole ?!?! You and Greenhorn are the only two guys that shoot nice bucks and Get them out whole.
Moosie the guy I was hunting with is a big dude. I can't remember but I think he's around 6'4" or 6'6" anywhich way he's way bigger than I am, hence the way the deer came out whole. The fact that it was mostly a down hill drag to the road helped a lot as well. Now the buck his wife shot on the other hand was a lot more work as that drag was all up hill. My pard even mentioned sometime during the drag that it was borderline for how far he will drag a buck before cutting it up and putting it on a pack frame. I don't know how those deer do it but they are always heavier the second half of the drag/pack than the first half
Hey Bigsky

Cool pics and congrats.
Oh yeah kudos to you for taking your son.
Im sure it made it that much sweeter for you.
Nothing like hunting with family and friends.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Any tips would be appreciated, and that includes you as well Oak.
Hey mtmiller, Big Sky just killed the last buck bigger than a forkie in CO. Not much left here. But if you're interested in a forkie, let me know.

LOL Troy.. thats why When I hunted with you I deboned the crtter.. It doesn't take much more time and every foot is to far to pack out leg bones you're not going to eat
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