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May 22, 2004
Southern Alberta
for team Rack Attack. Pictures tommorrow.
We were supposed to have lots of time to hunt this year but work has its way of getting in the way. Last night I said the f*&9 with it and told Eminator we're on the hunt. I don't know which was brighter her face or the full moon. Got Eminator up at 5:30 and hit the road by 6:00. We pulled into our spot at 7:15 and scattered about a dozen whitetail does and fawns. It was a great morning with the temp hanging right on the freezing mark. Now this is where I'd like to tell you about the 5 mile hike with 120lb packs, and snow up to a tall mans arse and the 600 yrd off hand shot but it just didn't happen like that. We sat in the truck for about 15 minutes to let it lighten up a bit and let the deer settle down before proceeding the roughly 40 yrds to the edge of the hill over looking a river valley. I start glassing the area over and spot some deer moving through the bush at about 250 yrds. I point them out to Eminator and ask her if shes up to the shot. Well the look I got could of killed the deer from right where she was sitting. She pointed to a whitetail buck bedded down at the bottom of the hill and said she would prefer to take that one. I told her if she wants to take the easy way out she could but I'd much rather pack one from further out it's more of a challenge. The words no sooner crossed my lips and Ka...fricken...boom Eminator smoked it right in it's bed. Eminator hit it right in the back bone between the bottom end of the shoulder blades. Now Eminator is a perfect 2 shots for 2 bucks.
I backed the truck up to the edge of the hill and sent her down with the rope and knife. By 8:00 am we were headed home. 1:00 pm I dropped the skinned and washed buck off at the butchers. 5:00pm the tenderloins were done on the BBQ.
Eminators buck rough scored at 108-3/8 besting her last years buck by 47-1/8 points. Needless to say I'm a very proud papa today.
The first picture is the full moon still out, 2nd is the sunrise, 3rd is the buck below us, 4th is Eminator with her buck where she shot it, 5th is back up on the top.




That whitey thought it was part rabbit the way it was bedded...nice shot and congrats to your daughter!!
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