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Elk "trim meat"


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Dec 10, 2000
Menard, Texas,USA
This question may be as much about market analysis as any thing. Question is how do you guys AND gals like best to use the trim meat off an elk??Whenever we butcher elk we come up with a couple hundred pounds of trim meat and are always looking at the best way to use and/or sell it. We make summer sausage, german style sausage,dried ring sausage, formed jerky,and burger patties.
Connie and I really like the burger cooked various ways and I am especially fond of the dried ring sausage. Any other special uses or products that you might recommend would be appreciated. Ol Bob
Kielbasa is like "fresh sausage links or smoked sausage links" in Texican, not the dry kind, I think. Its Polok/Slovak type sausage links. I vote for all the above, it makes my mouth water.
I have 3 kids. We have plenty of uses for the hamburger!!

I make quite a bit of Jerky too. The whole family likes it.

I have made a variety of sausage at home too, but we get more bang for the buck in hamburger with kids.


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Well I know it isn't a easy recipie but a mojority of the trim meat from deer and elk ends up as tamales at our house. lotta hours to put them together but oh the results.

So far all of our deer and elk trim have been turned into summer sausage, both mild and spicey. I think it tastes great. I gave some of it to my friends that day at golden pond and they can verify that. I think in the future I will save some of the trim for tamales and have 2fastnaz show me how its prepared, they sound great.

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We just clean it up real good and grind it. We don't add fat or anything as you can do that later and end up with a finer grind. Then we vac pac it and mark it grind and use it for sausage or hamburger or whatever later
We really don't end up with much trim meat..10 pounds from the last elk..Even the little ones are good for small breakfast type steaks and what not... :D

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