Elk reacting to being shot with rifle???

My dad told me almost 50 years ago when I started elk hunting, "If you get a shot at one of these critters, keep shooting until they hit the ground and then keep an eye on it". Very sound advice, with the one exception as mentioned above, if they run off in a herd, just try to keep an eye on the one that you were shooting at.

My first bull was with a 7mm Mag with factory Core-loc 150 gr at less than 100 yds. I was sitting when I saw the bull feeding on the ridge across and above me, got a bead on him and let one fly, he started trotting closer around the head of the draw, shot again, he continued on the same path getting closer, third shot he fell down. Could have covered the three shots in the middle of the ribcage with an orange. Huh, the old man was right after all, being that I was a teenager at the time.

I have had them drop on the spot, then jump right back up and the rodeo ensues, swap ends and then go 30 yds and pile up, run off with a bunch of previously unseen elk up through the burn until the one stops, turns sideways to the escaping herd and tumbles down the hill. They all react differently to the shot, but guarantee that if the shot is fatal, all will drop right in their tracks every time, just may not be immediately after the shot though.
Cow I shot last year went 30 yards if that and layed down rear facing me. Head dropped ears went down. I thought she was done. Got closer and watched her get up and run. If you can plug em again and again.
Like everyone is saying they will die in the most inconvenient place they can usually
I have had elk literally just flop over backwards head over hoof, or simply faceplant forward from one shot hitting them. I've also had elk where I sent 3 shots that passed through and it never reacts other than gently slumping down like it was going to take a nap. Bottom line is if it's standing, reload immediately and keep shooting it until it drops, but make sure you are shooting at the same animal to avoid multiple downed elk.
Is this mostly the case that they dont react to a fatal hit? I will be hunting by myself and notice almost all filmed hunts the shooter has a spotter that tells him if he made a hit. When you are by yourself do you just reload and rapidly fire another shot or watch the animal for signs of being hit???

Fudd makes a shot, lifts head off gun, looks and ponders, awkwardly works bolt, then tries to shoulder and find animal again. Rifleman stays on the gun and has another round chambered right away ready for a follow up.
Out of every cost involved in an elk hunt the ammo is probably the cheapest thing. An extra round or two isn’t going to break you. Wounded elk don’t usually run towards the truck/4 wheeler. You keep shooting til they are down. Beside shooting is probably the funniest part of the hunt because once they hit the ground the work begins.
I've only killed 4.
#1 bull: 125 yards with a CVA powerbelt. 2 shots standing in the ribs. Just stood there. Last shot to the heart at 30ish while his head bobbed.
#2 bull: high shoulder with a 300WM with 150gr accubonds at 265 yards. DRT. never flinched.
#3 cow: 475 yards with a 300WM with 180gr accubonds. right behind the shoulder. DRT. never flinched.
#4 bull: 245 yards with 300WM with 180gr accubonds. First shot behind the shoulder, he ran to 230. A second shot about 2" from the first, and he ran to 200. Last shot as he stumbled and finally fell at the shot. All three shots were double lung within 5' of eachother and the only verification of a hit was the WHAP when the bullets hit and the blood pouring out. Otherwise he seemed unphased until the last shot.

My rule is to keep shooting until they are on their side. If they're standing, I'm shooting.
Keep shooting until your out of shells or it's down. They can take heart shots and keep on trucking. I shot a bull at 100 yards, broadside. Absolutely destroyed his heart, he turned and ran straight away from me. I kept shooting and 400 yards later he dropped. I hit him in the ass and the lower jaw as he was running away, missed with a fourth shot.

I have shot elk on purpose in high shoulder and they dropped on the spot but that was when I had time to call my shot. Get them down before they die in a hell hole.

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