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Feb 17, 2019
I dont get some things about this post to shoot an animal and then complain its not big enough wow it could have been passed up
to assume a controlled hunt is 100% on a monster
And most of all to spend time in the mountains of Idaho one of my favorite states out west chasing elk and not enjoying the adventure OMG every hunt I have been on has been a great adventure win loose or draw even the 350 class bull I shot right under on the last nite or the trip I passed up bull after bull after bull cause the big boy was just a little to far but I knew he was coming lol and I came home empty handed.
Maybe its just me but to sit at 9000 ft looking at the snow caps and the surrounding mtns setting or rising sun and this world we were blessed with even without a bugle to be heard, and complain another wow


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May 19, 2016
Traverse city
I'm going to asked that everyone who posted on this thread read my post here in its entirety.

I Had the pleasure of meeting Jeff during his hunt. We talked for probably 2 hours on the side of a road during which time he was very cordial and seemed like a pretty upstanding dude, disabled vet, limited mobility, yadda,yadda. In short he told me what he thought would get him info.


First off I told you that you were wrong on the wording of the tresspass law and you still are. While I agree with you on your overall perspective of the area with regard to that law you are not acutely understanding the law.
To those of you who have never been to the area and don't understand the situation of the current trespass law in idaho please note that your options will be taken with a grain of salt.
Secondly the internet is a small ass world! And Owyhee county is even smaller.
Also dude WTF!

Now many of you know that I live in this unit and am very familiar with it and the animals within it. During our conversation I decided to divulge quite a bit of elk info to you jeff. I dropped pins on your onx maps to glassing points where you would see bulls and to places where I had seen bulls within the past week that were well above the size of the one you shot. I showed you numerous recent videos of bulls in the 330-350 range. Jeff you told me that you were really hoping for something in the 350 to 370 range. I told you that it can be tuff to get the elk here to bugle from a quad in early September and to try parking just shy of ridges and walking over to get responses. I also told you that I had not seen one that big recently but that if I did I would come to your camp and let you know. I asked in return that if you happen to see a mule deer of 190 plus that you called me to tell me. We agreed and parted ways. I believe that was on September 11th?
Anyways I happen to locate what I was sure was a bull over 370 while looking into the rising sun the morning of the 13th. I watched him bed I then proceeded to leave and bumped in to you on the road. After I ate lunch we went back together and I set you 1000 yd from that bull and pointed him out to you in the timber. You were not able to spot him but came back and found him in the open later you sent me some pictures which I thank you for.
Through further evaluation and better angles I was thinking that this bull is knocking on the door of the 400" mark you mentioned so many times in this thread. I'm not going to post them on the Internet but you and I both know that we both have pictures and video I could prove this with. This bull was less than 1000 yd off the road on public land and had been there for at least a week or 10 days I know this because I had been hearing him bugle and could recognize his bugle. Being familiar with the area and how the elk react I told you how I personally would set up on him the predominant winds and how I would glass him morning and night to keep track of him until the opener on the 15th. You argued with me and told me that you would not so much as move your camp which was a few hours away in the "known" elk area.
Now perhaps you are trolling, positing to detour applications but after speaking with you and reading this thread I don't believe so and with a fraction of a percent drawing odds. I doubt it is going to help. I personally never plan to put in for that hunt even though it is currently the golden ticket.
Also you were well aware of the prescribed burn and knew In advance to avoid the area.
I have since shown a few outtfiters some videos of that bull and am told that it is absolutely 400" and was even offered 10k for his location by a certain drnewface. Drnewface makes me sick with his practice of buying wildlife and I would much rather see someone (like I thought you were) get this true bull of a lifetime.
Unfortunately it seems I was wrong about your character. While I certainly understand the frustration of not knowing a unit and having limited mobility. It seems that you have been nailed with your whining. You sir had a bigger bull in front of you than 99.9% of elk hunters ever will. You should be ecstatic. You chose how you wanted to hunt him. You wanted to shoot him from 600yd and told me that you couldn't get closer than 200 because thats where you were sighted in!?!? You also committed a cardinal sin by divolging his location to whomever you came across. Or so I have been told.
You are the reason many are reluctant to share good info with strangers.(I am done giving strangers info out here)
You act as if Rachel is to be waiting for your call and the blm is to postpone habitat improvements because you drew a tag. This is strange to me.
I personally view your statements here as a slap in my face.
I want to congratulate you on your bull and I wish you well.
I also would prefer to no longer communicate with you.
Don’t let bad eggs make you loose faith in good people.


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Nov 17, 2017
Reading the thread and especially Jeff’s comments kinda left me smoked. That a guy can get to be that cynical, bitter and entitled amazes me. Then I read @elkmagnet ’s post...........you’re telling me you damn near held the guy’s hand and led him to a 400” bull......and we get this crap out him!?!

Man I hope I never reach the point where I’m “that” guy. Lots of lessons here.....


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Aug 14, 2019
North Idaho
Been off here for a while, I forgot how entertaining this forum is...love it.
MY first time to dig into the forums and this is the first one I read. I've lived in, and hunted, Idaho for 30 years. I've met a lot on Non-Residents in the woods, Most of them are great folks and I always thank them for coming. Y'all are funding a lot of IDFG for us.
I've never killed a bull like that. Unless someone had already put me on a 400" bull, I would be hard put to pass on it. Up here in the North End, I don't spot and stalk as much as go in the jungle after them.

I returned my Unit 18 Mule Deer controlled hunt tag to IDFG this year after talking to the Region 2 biologist. EHD and the 2016 winter have taken their toll. IDFG staff are VERY helpful in hunt planning, but they are not going to give you way points.

I was waiting for the OP to blame the wolves....


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Apr 2, 2019
I remember an unsuccessful deer hunt I was on once, hadn't seen anything in 3 days. Sitting at the top of a ridge, 10 degrees with blowing snow, looking at the curve of the earth, eating a bear roast sandwich (from a bear I killed the year before) and thinking about how good my life was.

...or I could trophy hunt.