Elk Hunt in Colorado


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Mar 25, 2001
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First off, sorry for not posting for quiet some time. My browser wouldn't allow it OR Moosie blocked me, LMAO
I re-installed new browser software and it seems to work, again

Now I will have to check if I can still get it to work in the chat room aka BS Room :D

I leave Oct 7th for Colorado where I will meet up with Jim (aka VPD10). We rented a log cabin for the time we will be there. This is Jims 9th year hunting the same area so hopefully he won't get me lost. I have a load all worked up for my 7mm mag - 120gr GS Custom HV bullets leaving the muzzle at 3635 FPS. I am also taking my 300 win mag loaded up with 180gr ballistic tips at 3100 FPS. With some luck I will be able to locate some cows in the lowlands and with luck I will get one at 650 yards - one of my goals on this trip.
I drew a bull elk tag and sent in (last week) for 2 cow tags. I called the Denver DOW office and found out I did get drawn for the 2 cow tags. Now I have to kill 3 elk.
I am off to the farm this afternoon to verify my 300 win mag loads. I will be shooting at 400, 450, 500, 550, 600 and 650 yards. I shot yesterday at the range at 100, 200 and 300 yards. Since the range only goes to 300 yards I could only shoot to 300.

I have my 7mm mag set at 2.5" high at 100, giving me 4" high at 200 and 1" high at 300. I will shoot it this afternoon at 400 and am looking for it to shoot about 4" low at 400.

When I get back from Colorado I will give all the details - if there are any to give.

Have a good one all,

Good luck shakey let us know how it works out for yea....
Chat should still work for ya. maybe I will stop in tonight to see if your there..

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