Ready for a new 7 mag load


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May 31, 2022
The wild west
I’m not achieving the velocity I thought I would from my 7 mag. It’s enough for me to comfortably shoot 350-400 yards for elk but I’d like to poke out to 500. I currently have 150g TTSX on H1000 at a bit under 2800 FPS at .75” MOA @100 yds. My goal would be the same MOA or better but at 3000 fps.

Why you may ask? I’m bored. No other reason. Don’t fix what ain’t broke? I didn’t, I have plenty of rounds ready for bear season. I’m just bored and want to mess around some more and learn. Also want to save the powder I have, too.
I have been holding out for along time for some RL26 to push 143 Hammer Hunters out of my 7 Rem Mag. I think I would have a better luck getting a clear picture of a sasquatch ridding a unicorn while trying to rope a Chupacabra!
I’ve never had a problem getting 168’s to 3k in a 7rm with a 26” tube and h1000. That’s the Combo I’ve used on the most animals I’ve eaten.
145 LRX. Mag pro. 3100 fps. I’d have to look for the load. It’s killed 3 elk and a mule deer.
H4831SC is pretty easy to find right now and works well in just about everything. I’d go 160 Accubonds, 175 ELD-X, maybe others. There’s a lot of cool 7mm bullets to play with.
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I was thinking of trying e-tip since I had good luck with those last year but Accubonds are always a tried and true. Every Weatherby gun I’ve owned likes em.
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