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Elk Down...Part 3



Moosie posts...."
Roumor has it (VIA CELL PHONE) that a Wyoming 5x just dropped a couple of mins ago.....I'm not giving out who it is.... "

....could he be talking about someone's "9th Inning" bull? ;) ..........taken with two outs, and a full count in the bottom of the 9th? :eek: .......
It better be full curl.
:D ;)

Wont say Congrats until story and or pics :D
Congrats, Indy! I hope you had an official from the WY DNR on hand to verify the legality--we all know how DS can be. :rolleyes: Pictures!
No DNR folk on hand, but there's no question about the legality of the bull.

The story goes like this....

We passed on a spike and some cows opening morning. This year, for the first four days of the hunt my tag was good for either... After a brief afternoon hunt, we headed back to camp and to take Mark's son back home to CO. Wednesday AM came early and we hunted hard covering lots of elky looking area but with no success.

I would like to interject that the weather was awesome for casual hiking but truly sucked for elk hunting... hot and dry for the week preceeding opening day and the same for the duration of our hunt.

Thursday morning found us tired and somewhat concerned for our success but we persevered and logged close to 15 miles up and down that mountain. When we woke up Friday, I was feeling the beginning of the flu, sore throat, swollen glands, fever, etc. Mark urged me not to give up and said we'd only go out for a couple of hours... we'll suffice it to say, I'm glad he did....

The rest after he's posted the pics!
Come on, we can wait much longer. :D :D
It's killing us.
Indy,it's good to have a hunting partner that will keep you going like that, when you start feeling like pulling the sleeping bag up over your head and going back to sleeping!!!
Way to tough it out guy's.
Sure hope shooting that elk made you feel all better Indy ;) ;)
........fueling up before a long day's hunt....

Man, this is some good stuff!

...ridin' into elk country/.....

Indy tag;'s a nice 5 point....

A happy hunter and his guide......

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 10-21-2002 11:13: Message edited by: Deerslayer ]</font>
Congratulations, Indy!

Man, for a minute there I thought we had another RB on our hands! But hey, you got to the last day of the hunt in only three paragraphs! :eek: ;)

Congrats again on a great bull!

I knew it, I knew it. Beguile us with wild tails of elk hunting, and don't leave out any of the juicy details.
Congratulations Indy ( I think )

Slayer, tell me you still healthy, and Austin dosn't have a broken back or anything.
Indy,that is soooooooooo cool.
Nice Bull,you guy's did a great job of sticking with it.
DS,you must be an animal,you have done better then alot of people that were raised hunting elk and packing on horse's.
Very nice guy's :cool: :cool:
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