Dream hunts you have taken


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Jul 7, 2001
What has been your best hunt to date. I went on a Mt goat hunt in Montana in 2000 and it was one I will never forget. What are the ones you will never forget?
It was my dream for many years to go on an elk hunt when I lived back east. I had the opportunity to not only fulfill that dream, but to live it year after year. It is my passion and what I look forward to more than anything every year. For me, my most memorable dream hunt was my first year elk hunting and my first elk. A cow it may have been, but it was a cow that welcomed me to elk hunting as I know it today. The year was 1990 and a hunt that I will never forget.
I went elk hunting this year, but wasn't too serious as school commitments kept me from doing it as I'd have liked. My lifetime goal is to kill all NA big game species and I hope to add four to that list next year, Elk, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, and Black Bear.

For me, getting out of school for a week my senior year to bowhunt whitetails in IN and rifle in KY during the rut is as close as I've gotten to a dream hunt.
I guess since I've only hunted deer, elk, and antelope here in CO, my greatest hunt was my first one! Probably anticipated that one more than any other.

AWWW man. I've had SOOO many Awsome hunts I can't even begin. I know one of my farthest most memorable hunts was New Zealand. HEre is a copy of the story and a few Pictures....

~April 19th at 12:15 p.m., I departed to New Zealand. Landing two days later on April 21st at 10:00 a.m., the body needed a day to recover. Traveling with my dad, we made the drive over Arthur's Pass to the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand (which averages over 300 inches of rain a year.) We made some attempts to hunt red stag in Graymouth with no luck. Two days later, we were on our way to Fox-Glacier with our guide. We took the helicopter ride high in the cliffs. Weeks of training still humbled me in the vertical terrain they call mountains. The chamois (pronounced "shammy" by the locals) was an excellent trophy at 9 ½ inches.









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Traveling back north, my first hunting from a helicopter experience took place. A spike stag was harvested. Due to the size, we didn't bring it back, but gave the meat to butchering for local restaurants.

With April coming to a close I had to call back to Idaho to have my wife Vicki put in on a moose permit for me. She said "You haven't talked to me in a week and want me to go to 'Fish and Game' for you so I won't see you this fall again?" What do you say to that but "Thanx Hun........."

Thence, the southward trip into Haast where the world-renowned guide Dave Saxon and his son Morgan Saxon live. Our hunting from the mountains of Haast let us see many chamois and tahr. We were fortunate enough to harvest two chamois and 3 tahr.With time running out, the wild pig hunt and fishing trip was left for a future endeavor.

(PS, I also hunted and Harvested a Idaho moose that year, THANX BABE !!!!)