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Doctoring hounds! Something I tried today!


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Dec 15, 2000
Aksai, Kazakhstan via Covington Louisiana
I was not going to post this, but I figured someone may have some use out of what I did or tried to do today.
I would reckon we have all done our share of Vet work on our hounds over the years. Stitching, shots, splints, ect!
Well today, during an emergency, I tried something that I wanted to share and also ask your opinion if what we did was right? I will not know until a real vet looks at the hound, but anyways here is what happened.

This may sound far fetched and even hard to belive, but it honestly happened and like i said it could be useful to others in an emergency.

It has been a 4 day Thai holiday here and everything is closed. Except for the police, gas stations and hospitals.
This morning my wife's friend called to ask if I would come over and look at her beagle.
The hound was fine yesterday, but could not walk this morning. I had no idea at first, then she told me the dog had went to the vet 5 months before for a blocked bladder. Apparently stones. On that occasion it was able to walk, but hobbled bad. This morning it could not even stand!
After looking at the dogs bloated stomach, I figured it was probably the same thing. They muzzled the dog, and I pressed on his stomach and it felt like it was about to bust.
Not really knowing what to do, I asked them what the vet had done before. They told me he cut the dog, drained his bladder and gave it some medicine. I could see the scar, but did not want to try to cut on their dog. We knew that this dog would not make it through the day, muchless 2 more days of the holiday.
They had tried to contact every vet in Bangkok, but no one was available. At first We considered sticking a sharp hollow air con tube into his bladder at the location of the scar. But after considering that we would be busting his bladder in the process, we ruled that out.
Without a vet's to turn to, we did a bit of thinking and came up with the only solution! Unblock the bladder through the ureatha!His pecker! :eek:
Her husband had some hard plastic coated electric wire that we heated and pulled the wire out of and used the casing as a makeshift catherter.
I knew that that dog would not stand for that and could not think of how to put him out. The only thing I could figure was use starting fluid. He made a quick trip to the local gas and garage, got a can of starting fluid, sprayed it on a rag and it put him in enough of a daze to control.
I got some antibiotic gel from the first aid kit coated the casing and as they held the dog, I ran the plastic casing up the ureatha slowly until it stopped at the block. I worked it back and forth, and as I did it would move in further a little bit at a time.
With a few more doses of starting fluid and working the plastic casing back and forth it finally broke through the blockage and the bladder stated to empty through the plastic casing.
The urine flow stopped abruptly and her husband pushed down on his bladder but nothing happened. I pulled out the casing and as soon as it came out, the bladder continued to empty, along with some whitish brown looking chunks of something???

The hound was up and walking about 45 minutes later and urinating on its own. They are watching him to see if the blockage returns.
Anyway, a little bit of backwoods thinking in the big city might just save this dogs life until the vet comes back on Tuesday. I just hope we do not have to do it again and also hope what we did was the right thing! I guess we will know tommorow.
Any suggestions, comments or further advise??
Doctor THump!! Sounds like ya did the right thing to me!!! :D :D bcat

The beagle is doing well today , except for some swelling and having to massage his bladder to get him to urinate :eek:
I have heard about people having to have this done to them and could not imagine someone doing that to me while awake :eek:
They are taking him to a vet out of town tonight to get x-rays and some medication. I guess what we did was worth if because if not, he would have never made it this far! he is walking, but still has a blockage.

Seems like there is some type of shot they could give to cause his bladder to dialate enough to pass the blockage! sorta like they do wth kidney stones. Any one know.

Dr. Boykin, eh cuz
Hell, I have seriously though about going back to school to become a vet! But past experiences with my make shift operations, I would get kicked out for telling the teacher they are wrong

Sounds like you did the right thing.
I have done the same thing with a garden hose down the throut to there stumick to save a dog from twisted gut.The closest vet to me is 60 miles and in Canida,so we do alot of our own docterin.
My wife started to become a vet. But something about getting maried then pregnant kind of put the brakes on that. She would have nothing to do with being a small animal vet. Most people can not think rational about their pet sometimes.

Way to go thumper.Hey I worked for a veterinarain and we did something like that on blocked cats. Talked about a pi$$ed off cat.LOL He would go in with a small cath. and try to unblock it. This was for stones. Sometime we would have to express the bladder by hand on the outside of the stomach,same thing if they have an infection.I am like you, sometimes you just have to do the best you can and hope it works out.
Now, something real fun to do is to clean out an abcess while your very squemish husband is holding the animal :D :D
I dont know how you went about applying the starting fluid,but if you would have put him in a big plastic trashcan with a lid on it you could have knocked him slap out for about a half hour.I do it all the time with coons.
Thumper- If I ever have a blocked bladder and your the only person around.........LET ME DIE! :eek:

A wire up the pecker??? YOUCH!!! :D
We muzzled and held his mouth closed and sprayed the rag down and held it over his nose. I was a bit worried because I know folks who have killed dogs with starting fluid. :eek: Was not me!

I am going to check out the veterneray school they have here to get some text and maybe check out some night courses.(if in English as most likely they are)
Never hurts to learn something that you may have to use.
The good thing about Asia is you do not need to go to a doctor or vet to get medicines. just go to the pharmacy tell them what ya want and pay for it!
Thats a great idea for coons of trapped critters! i will have to remember that one when live trapping coons or fox! :D
Final update:

The friends of ours got the beagle back from the vet today! They had to run another cathator and put a folie bag on him and dosed him up with antibiotics.
Vet said " If we would not have done what we did he would have definately died" However, I could have busted his bladder in the process. I was just lucky!
Man, I guess I was just lucky, because if I would have killed that dog I don't think my wife's friend would have mach to say to me

Anyway he is on the way to healing and the trick worked in a pinch.(pardon the pun)
Hi Bullhunter.I havent seen you post on here before.If you just got here welcome to the hound site.I was just out in Wisc picking up some nbear dogs a couple weeks ago.what do you run for hounds?
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