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Dink Co buck bites the big one...


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Dec 10, 2002
Chugiak, AK
Four days of "hard" hunting paid off big time with this guy. Isn't that what they always say on the bubba chanel as they climb down out of the box blind and walk over to the feeder?

Gross score is 210 non-typ with about a 186 gross typ frame.




One shot from the new 280 put him down for a permanent dirt nap...

Shot him at about 8:00 am and got it all back to the truck about 4:00 pm... I think it was worth it though.
Great buck and other pics in your album!
Man that 280 left a SERIOUS hole! Nice placement on the shot there BStew and congrats again!
As I mentioned earlier, awesome buck. I didn't know you were shooting a .280. I used the same on my buck, maybe we need to change the team name. ;) :D
Those nosler accubonds should be called nosler explodabonds...
I got what was left of the bullet. I'm guessing that it will only weigh in at about 65-70 grains from an initial 140. It only hit one rib on the way out. Afer passing though the top of the heart and both lungs... He made it about 5 steps and it was over...
Hey awesome buck Bambi. Goodlooking buck there.
Hey one question?
Why is there blood coming out his back side? Did he get mounted twice? LOL
Thats what happens when you get a knife up your rectum and your entrails are extracted... I drug him off the hill about 300 yards to find a "level" spot for a picture. It was the best I could do alone.
Thats a nice buck! What would you goat ropers call that, a 7x6??
You guys need to quit shooting those dinks, call me up, and let me take them off your hands for you. ;)

Sweet looking buck with some extras. Congratulations.