Did you get your big mulie fix?

Thanks for the photos, good inspiration to go do some shed hunting.
Unfortunately I'm going to the Sportsman's banquet in Orem this afternoon to see how much money people are willing to shell out for all the statewide hunts.
Buckspy, that Gyno. thing is more on a volunteer/hobby basis.
Moosie, I know the two fellers mentioned in your post above & have tryed to support them through all the mudslinging, & like you mentioned they are relentless hardworking hunters.
Thats an ugly aspect of humanity, a bunch of crabs in a bucket always trying to pull anyone down that rises above.
I'm not sure Brian could of shut those fellers up by simply nuking their posts.
By the way I still don't know WTF, ISE means, if you find it in your benevolence to enlighten me it would be appreciated.
"By the way I still don't know WTF"

WTF = Wildlife Turkey Federation. I figured even you would know that....

You're welcome :D :D


ISE.. Well If you Go to Google and do a Search, I'm sure you'll find :

"Istanbul Stock Exchange"
"International Securities Exchange"
"International Society of Electrochemistry"
"Irish Stock Exchange"

Hell, There is even a "Index Scriptorum Estoniae" which I think has something to do with my Nut SACK.... ;)

My bet is that it's Something to do with the International Sportsmans Expo. "EXPO" is short for "Exposition" in case you didn't know that either.... But I've been wrong before
Any post on this ghosttown you call a forum is a good post. :D Just chittin' you mossy. Were having some fun.

Still searching for a cool slogan
BuckSpy, No worries, My mom always said that when Someone makes fun of me they're just Jealouse... I'm guessing it's for My Ablility to spell :D :D

Slogans are hard to Come by..... ;)
Thanks for finally giving me that explanation Moosie. Here's another one for you; FU B, go ahead & do an Internet search on that one, if you wish.
Still kind of new here, so someone also, has to splain this whole slogan deal;
Is this some club thing ?
Does your slogan have to reflect something about yourself ?
How long does Buckspy have, to reflect on whats right for him ?
Can you improve your star rating by coming up with something catchy ?

By the way the Sportsman's for wildlife dinner was pretty cool last night with the exception of having to listen to all the political rhetoric.
What's to Explain... FU B ? Well that Means Fat Ugly Boobs, Why you're talking about your Mother on a Hunting website is Beyond me but It takes All kinds I guess...

I went to the Sportsmans for Wildlife (SFW maybe ? Sportsman for Fish & Wildlife ?). I also went to the Local deal here on Friday. Was a pretty good turnout. I stayed for the Speaking and the Dinner and Not for the Banquet. I'm guessing I saved alot of money ;) Still looking nto that organization but Have met thier local Directors and Such and they seem like good People.

As far as the Logo's. I think they kind of Say a Bit about you... I figure since I'm always Walking a fine line and walking on thin Ice, I might as well dance all the time !!!!!!!!!!

Want us to pick you out one ? We could have a game at it :D :D

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