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Deer poacher story

Jack O'Conner

New member
Jan 11, 2003
Black Hawk, SD
This one comes from a non-fiction book titled Poachers vs Wardens- OPEN SEASON.

Two teens enjoy hunting together. The older boy suggests spotlighting for deer. He has a prize pony and lives next to a river. The younger boy agrees to go along but knows it is wrong.

They decide to start upstream at night to search for deer. They reason that in this roadless area, their chances of getting caught are slim.

After about an hour of paddling and shining, their flashlight batteries are weak. But they make out the glowing eyes of a deer at the curve ahead. The oldest boy shoots once with his 22 rimfire rifle. They both hear the animal crash to the ground. Youngest boy is sent to find out if it's a buck or a doe. He calls out a moment later, "Its your pony, you shot him right betwixt the eyes"!!!

Neither teen ever poached again.


New member
Nov 28, 2001
AAAHhhh!!! The follies of youthful vigor...
Lessons hard learned, I sure hope it was learned well...LMAO!!!