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I hunt public and private, depending on what I'm after and the time of year and what I feel like that particular day. I wouldn't lease hunting ground or pay anything to hunt, but I do put some money into some gifts for some of the people who let me hunt their land. Remington Wildlife Calendars with my business card stapled to them go to everybody and I also give out lots of Vermont Maple Syrup, boxes of fancy nuts, boxes of candy, and I have a few people who really like some frozen chukars from a recent hunt.
I hunt public mostly, but have no problem asking a rancher or farmer if I can wander on to his place to hunt. While there, I usually pick up whatever garbage I run across. Then because out here, we must get written permission. I send them all Christmas cards thanking them.... :D
both, but mostly private leases or rental! i have the best deal going right now that ive ever had with a tract of hunting ground, a buddy and myself rent a house for $200 a month for the entire year although im only there for the three months of hunting season. This is an older two story farm house that sits on 4,000 acres of prime farm land in kentucky this rental also gives me all the hunting rights to the farm :D so for my $1200 i have my own private lease, its a sweet deal! considering most outfitters in the area of southern illinois are charging that much for one week during the rut!
I used to pay $600-800 a year, but that was what each of us paid. There were 6 to 8 of us, and that got us two wild hogs, a deer, quail, all the varmints we wanted and the right to camp and shoot there all year on 25,000 acres. When Bub died, Ruth sold off all but about 1,000 acres and now lets us hunt for free. For California, it was a sweet deal.
This is the first year that I have activly looked for great, private deer hunting grounds. One place that is 75 acres, I fixed there chinmey that had been leaking for about 3 years, another place belongs to a guy that runs a duck lease that happens to have some great deer hunting ground and he is building a room addition so he will need a roof...that will get me in there for a year. I have never paid cash to deer hunt, but I'm sure the time will come when I wont want to do the work and just pay the 1000.00 for the year.
I hunt mostly public, but also quite a bit of private. I have never, and will not ever, pay for a lease or a trespass fee.
I pay for a lease or two every year and also buy the public hunt permit here for $40. One lease is for deer, the other is for doves and ducks. The deer lease has lots of other stuff often. On both, the landowners take hunting into account in their land management. I've not hunted private land out of state, just public.
I have hunted mainly public lands so far. I have had permission for a few private lands but never one where I have exclusive rights year round.

The IHLA (which I am a board member) just signed a lease for 373 acres in southern Ohio. It had plenty of deer sign there and the locals say that it would be a good place for deer and turkey so I hope it works for us.

Dont ever give up that lease DKO!!!!!

Maybe I could vist ya there this fall ;) :D :eek:
I have 640 ac. to hunt myself with one other guy . And I do buy a hunting permit here for the weekends i cant drive the 5 1/2 hr trip to the property
You can lease deer???
I have never hunted were I have to pay any fee's . I don't think it happens much here in idaho.but I'm not sure. I asked a lady if I could hunt turkey on her place this spring and she said no but I could come back in the fall and hunt deer because they bother her garden and the turkeys don't.
I have hunted on only private land here in Bama. B/C THERE ISNT ANY PUBLIC LAND! And the public land that there has a ton of hunters on it, almost one behind everyother tree. But in Wyoming i hunted public land and some of my private land.

later, MM

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