Deer Gun Openers

Opening day of deer and elk season are a special day to me. I look forward to these two days just as much as I do Christmas, so maybe there is a little truth to that Nut.
I also thought that October 4th this year was Christmas with Bows.
September 6, first day of archery, December 1, first day of Muzzleloader, December 8 first day of shotgun. Are a little more exciting than Christmas.
I guess my special hunting day is Sept 1st. our opening day of dove season in Az. You wait all summer to finally get a chance to hunt something, to me the anticipation is greater than Christmas. Going dove hunting in about 2 hours, Good Luck, JLG.
Rifle season starts in SC august 15th. its always near 100 and the deer stay bedded in the thick stuff. this was my first year hunting up there but they tell me its always the same. if you arent at the clubhouse by 3pm the day before the opener you wont have a bunk to sleep in. We killed 0 deer this year on opening day but we sure had a blast. i dont know if i will hunt august much next year but i will be there opening weekend.
Well it wasnt Christmas with GUns.

I hunted with a friend for the 1st time on his land and wasnt exactly the way I thought it would be. I was up at 5am to get ready and be there for the 6:59am opening. My friend gets up at 6:10 and we dont get there until 7:05. He sets Vipe and I up within 200 yards of his house while TE hunted with him. Vipe got cold,so I sent her back to house. That is when my friend's 2 dogs show up to help me hunt.
They then roam the whole area I was watching for the next 1/2 hour.
So I leave. Vipe and I then decide to chjeck out the public lands to see how it was going. We see a fella who has a nice sized forkhorn and he is grinning from ear to ear. IT was his first deer!
I shake his hand and go on my way. Later we saw his Dad field dressing the deer for him and grinning from ear to ear.

We go back to my friends place and then we set up TE and Vipe together while the 2 guys try a push. (I dont walk the hills of SE Ohio regularly so I still do pretty good for my slowness) When we get to where Vipe and TE are the 2 dogs are there with them.

We then go to another area for another push and when my friend gets back from seeing who is there he has a beer in his hand.

I still do the push while at that time deciding to never hunt on his land again.*wink*

At least the dogs wasnt there but 2 other people were. Vipe did see 2 does that was out of range anyways.

WE then go to public lands to hunt by ourselves. TE and I had 1 set up busted by another hunter and then we go to another area where we were busted by a deer in the thick stuff.

TE saw 5 deer,Vipe saw 5 and I saw 3 which there was only 1 chance at a shot. Didnt take it either.

I then decide to just come home. Maybe I will hunt here in NW Ohio tomorrow or I just will chill at home. Have a job interview Wednesday that will take up the whole day.

There will be a new plan for next year.
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