Deer Baits


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Apr 28, 2001
This year I'm going to kill my deer off my little farm...Quick Draw and I are going to put out some bait( deer feed, apple lick, molazes(sp?), and scents, down in the back pasture
I know its a little late in the year,,,but who knows,,,but late buck season, Mr. Big, just might be here looking for a good time( we have been seeing a few does around lately
)Anyway,,,I still have the strawberry plant eater I'm after :mad:

I've never tried this before with the blacktails we have here in Washington..They are a pain to try to pattern...If it works here on our mini farm, then I have some areas up in Ashford that I'm going to try it in

Bait works well, for drawing in does, yearlings, and spikes. (If that's what yer after). That's fine. If your after a buck, don't hunt the bait. Hunt the thickest cover around the bait, especially during the ruts. Think of it more as baiting the 'bait'. ;)
QD and I checked on the bait today and we realized why we haven't seen any deer down there... a squirrel has been feasting on it. I swear, this squirrel look like it weighed about 10-15 pounds... the thing is huge. And when we were checking it out, a HUGE heron (sp) flew over... those birds just look scarey!!!

Next time I go down to the bait site and i see that squirrel eating the "deer" food I'm gonna teach him that he's not a deer. No but really that squirrel was huge maybe not as big as OL says but I'd say at least 5 pounds.
Quick Draw