Danr55, I got the 25 gr. .224 bullets


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Dec 10, 2000
I received the 25 gr. .224 bullets in the mail on 07/06 but I haven't got to shoot them yet, but on initial inspection, I am not impressed. I do not want to slam a bullet manufacturer without cause, but there appears to be quite a few dimples or dents in the jacket material. While I am not making any judgements on how they will shoot, on appearance I am not too confident. Also, while the article in Rifle Shooter showed 3,900 fps (I think), the only velocity shown in the reloading data I ordered was 3,500 fps. I will let you know how they shoot. I know this company is trying itself established and there may be growing pains before everything is ironed out, so I am not slamming them until I see the results for myself. My apprehension may be completely unfounded, and if it is I will let you know.
Thanks Fatman, there are a couple of folks here waiting with great anticipation for your report.
In rereading the article, I would not be surprised to see a correction posted stating that the "3900" was a misprint. If you can get 3500 out of them that will be impressive anyway. If you do indeed get 3500 fps from a Hornet, I would presume that the next step would be for me to order some and try them in a .222 Rem. We should be able to approach 4000 fps. Let me know. :cool:
I don't have a triple deuce, but I am going to try them in my .223 Contender, will let you know. He does list them in his reloading "manual" for a .223 at 4,050 fps and for the .222 at 3,850 fps.
Fatman, Never heard anything about these new bullets. Have you had a chance to load them and try them yet? Just curious. :cool:
I have some loaded up now, I've been playing lawyer games (between mine and hers) and haven't gotten a chance to shoot them yet, but I will remedy that this Sunday morning. I am taking a friend out to the club that I belong to so that he can check his rifle before an early October handicapped hunt and I will check the loads after we get him checked out. Will post Mon. morning on the results.

Well, I certainly understand that position. I just got my papers in the mail. Mine's over. Let me know how you do with loads. I have a couple of folks pressing hard for info. Thanks,
Will do, I will be glad when mine is final. I'm starting to enjoy not answering to anyone. My son has moved in with me until he leaves for college, he has said he notices a big change in my whole outlook and disposition now that I am rid of the biggest irritant in my life.
Hi, Fatman - I was wondering how things were going with these bullets. I'm now on wife #3, and I think I finally found a keeper (so far she feels the same way!) The best thing that ever happened to me was finally getting free from #2 after 18 years. By that point, it was such a relief not to worry about what I was going to be facing when I got home each day!
Good luck, with the divorce and the loads! Let us know how they work.
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