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Dad's last mule deer hunt

Jack O'Conner

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Jan 11, 2003
Black Hawk, SD
Background: Dad is 81 and has suffered through multiple strokes, congestive heart failure, by pass surgery, and other ailments.
He still lives but his last hunt was in 1996.

We walked together slowly across the meadow behind Ernie's cabin. Snow was ankle deep and Dad wasn't used to the altitude anymore. He'd been living at sea level for the past two years. The sun was already up by the time we reached the abandoned power line cut where we would sit quietly and wait for a shot at the mule deer which always bedded nearby.

Dad had a terrible time crossing the three strand barb wire fence. He ripped his pants badly and almost tore out a chunk of skin in the process. But he didn't complain and I told him it happened to me once, too. I saw the look in his eyes and knew this would be his last time in the forest with me.

As we silently watched the open area below us, Dad quietly spoke. He said, "I got old, son". I put my hand on his shoulder and nodded, didn't know what to say.

That's all for now. I don't know if I'll finish this one. It's too sad for me to recall.
Jack been there done that, some of your best memorys but saddest times. It brings back memorys of my dad just keep in mind all the good times you had in the field and all that you learned from your dad. Bill
The only good things about getting mossy is all the wisdom you collect along the way, and the way the Almighty teaches you to look at things a lot differently than you used too.The joy of getting older is being able to share that newfound wisdom with a child,and watching a small portion of it sink in and take.

Best to you Jack, I know how you feel.
Thanks for the memeroies Jack. Brought back many great times in the woods with my DAD. Just do one thing for me Jack as long as he's still here tell him every day you love him. I wish i would have I lost my DAD feb 2nd 2003.
That brought back some great memories for me also Jack. I thank you for that. The last time I hunted with my dad was back in the late 60s.
Thanks Jack,
Memories filled my mind also! I lost my Dad on Nov 26th of 2002! The last time we were in the woods together was probably around 1980. I will never forget those days though! I know how you feel!

Thank you for posting that.
It is a very hard thing to think about our parent's getting older and not being able to do the things they once could.
I remember when my dad was sick and could hardly even walk,he would ask us to put him in the truck and drive him around on the dirt road's,we would have to pull over often as he got sick alot,but we knew how much he loved the outdoors and it helped him pass the time and not think so much of what was happening.
In the hospital when he was real bad and quite out of it ,he would still be able to tell hunting storys from years past.
We all would cry and laugh at the same time.
Sad that we would no longer be able to do those things together yet happy that he was able to remember such good time's.
Its a hard thing,but look how lucky we are for the things our fathers passed down to us.
Passed on such a passion for hunting and fishing.
I never go on a hunting trip that I dont think of my dad.
These are memories I will never have, since my dad was not a hunter, so, I am in the process of making my own...
Sorry Dic...
I have many a nice story of hunting wioth dad. This fall we'll do the Ultimate trip to AK for 3 weeks. WILL be one for the books !!

Thanx for the Story, although sad, It'
s happy too ant the same time. Always look at the good memories .
Dad is currently bed bound. Too weak to get up and he is deteriorating fast. His heart just does not pump enough blood to his extremities. Sort of like a trying to run your V-8 engine up a steep grade with a clogged fuel filter and leaking fuel pump.

I'm headed to see him next week. Maybe the last visit here on Earth?
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