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Dad's 32 Special story

Jack O'Conner

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Jan 11, 2003
Black Hawk, SD
My Dad is nearly 82 now and lived in western Wyoming for most of his life. He told me this story yesterday afternoon and asked me to post it for you all.

In 1971, Dad was working a project at the power plant in Guernsey, Wyoming. Elk herds thrive in the piney ridges just north of town. Dad overheard a millwright from Minnesota say he was going after elk the following weekend. Another worker asked him what he planned to hunt with and the guy replied, "My 30-30 Marlin". Several guys made discouraging comments and Dad kindly suggested he should try to borrow a bigger rifle.

Monday morning the millwright was all smiles about his elk hunt. He had shot a fine bull over the weekend. A worker asked him if he used his 30-30 but he said, "No, George told me to borrow a bigger rifle and that's what I did. I killed that bull with a 32 Special".

Several workers made faces but Dad just smiled and reached out his hand to congradulate him. Dad never had the heart to tell this fellow that 32 Special was not what he had in mind when he suggested a bigger rifle for elk.
Great story Jack!!!
I have always wondered why people say a .30-30 is not enough gun... the hardest i have ever seen an animal hit was with a .30-30. it was an 8x8 bull elk this year, and one shot did that sucer in big time. I did an incredible amount of damage. nothing could have done a better job, because it wasnt possible, a .700 nitro express couldnt have done the job any quicker! BTW, this bull was a monster, all the quarters weighed 664 lbs, at the butcher shop!
Nice story, I killed my first three elk with a 32. It was my uncles model 94. In fact I think that I killed my first couple of deer and antelope with it. It was a fabulous gun and shot very well. Lightwieght, and without kick. I was a very small lad and a kicking gun just wouldn't do.
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