coyotes bust the Burb...


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Sep 6, 2014


When they see that they tremble with fear.
Like most of my hunts

They start stupid early and long drives, this one was no different although a big chunk was on pavement.
The plan was to hit my favorite lake , but I arrived to about 20 mph winds howling out of the east. I was by my self, the boy is in the midst of the fire thing, his wife wanted to sleep in , and my Buddy was at the drags in WA. I planed a "Land" hunt around the 50 mile long lake ,but with wind like that is a no go. I studied the wind forecast the day before to have a back up plan, good thing. I remembered that the farther north I went the wind looked like it would be better. Still dark I poked the nose North and stepped on the gas. A few weeks ago the wife and I scouted a tract of new FWP/state land.
That's where I ended the drive started the hunt. We saw a Black coyote when we where there and thought I'd better try there. A little walk and I found a likely looking spot and set the F5 20 yards up wind and a little behind me, started blaring a Female challenge, and some pup in distress. Ten minutes and Poof a coyote is standing broadside around 80 yards to my right strait down wind and in the rising sun. Not a real easy shot when your set for a up wind arrival. Being a pup he let me turn readjust the bipod, as well as coming in down wind. I lit the 6mm up and he went down. Cool first coyote down, and first coyote blood on my 55 gr Nosler ballistic tips. I have killed a lot of prairie dogs with them and killed a few Coyotes with the 6 and my 80 gr Barnes TTS, witch are not a good fur load. I wanted to see if I could use the smaller ones on dogs in the fur season.




Very nice, with just a fragment coming out the other side. I can't imagine what happens to the 55 gr in side going 4200 fps at 80 yards and NOT going through WOW.
I explored the land and found several other likely looking spots to set up in, with out any coyotes coming in to the invite.

I tripped across plenty of stuff to keep my interest.


I did find some other land on the way back I tried , one of them was a BIG coulee Cutting across the prairie That I had to try. I had no place to Hid the suburban Thought if I walked down wind far enough the coyotes coming in on the bottom would not see it. I snuggled in to a Yucca plant and started my normal calling. Sure enough two came up the bottom. As they worked there way to my they where claiming up the other side and at around 250 yards they posed a second and looked straight at the SUB... Dang I was afraid of that. They split in very rapid manner over the other side, couldn't get a shot. They reappeared on the horizon at around 700 yards. I kept working them but they just laid down on the edge of a clay cliff and watched the Suburban A half hour of calling every call on my caller and I could not get them interested to come.
I thought if I stood up and left they would see me and become educated to the call and hunter thing, I hate that. I twisted around and got a prone position and put the cross hairs on the one I could see the best. Cranked it up to 12.Gave it a lot of "Kentucky Windage" and let the little pill fly. The coyote jumps up and spins two or three times and ran off in to the distance disappearing over the horizon. As much as I hate it I know I hit it but it was more then a half mile of nasty broken land and the BIG steep giant Coulee I didn't go look Sorry but I know there is one less deer killer on the prowl.
They really fear the suburban