Couple of nice bucks from this morning


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Jul 7, 2001
On the way to a meeting today, I ran into these guys. I saw a couple of deer on the side of the road, but they weren't special and I didn't go for the video camera. I did slow down and at that point I noticed this big guy standing thirty yards off the other side of the road. Way to go dumb-ass, glad I still had the camcorder behind the seat and in the case. By the time I got it out, he was on the move. I shot about 5 seconds of video, then snapped some stills.

Although this is a shot from the back and he is still in velvet, this was a nice buck for this part of the country.

Here is another shot of him and his gang. I didn't notice until I looked at the video, the last dude has a nice extra on the back fork. Man would I like to take a nice deer like one of these guys with my bow.
Here again, you have got one hell of job just to get out and see half of the game that you get pics of.

I never get tired of looking at all the pics that ya post, just keep'em coming.
Well, I couldn't handle it. I Had to try and get another shot of these guys. I went into work early and took an hour break to see what would happen.

I watched two of the bucks from the picture (r to l #2 and #4) from about 3/4 of a mile away. They were headed to the same spot that I saw them cross the road yesterday, so I tried to put the sneak on and get in front of them.

The Extra point buck had two does following him. I got about 100 yards off the trail (didn't want to get too close and pressure them) and got what I hope to be some decent pictures.

After they went by and out of site I put the move on the bigger buck (#2). He was over one more drainage, but I had time to boggie over there. I located the trail they (he and 2 smaller bucks) were on and it worked perfectly. I shot some video as they came up the pass and then had time to get lower and behind a nole. I ended up shooting the pictures at about 40 yards, but I could have easily been at twenty yards if I had a bow in hand.

I will post the pictures this afternoon.

BTW, the bigger buck has some weak fronts, but he would have been plenty big enough for me to shoot with a bow or rifle. Too bad archery doesn't start until Saturday.
There's a couple of nice ones there! So, where are you going to be Saturday morning?

Well, here is a buck that might look good in a couple of years.

Here is the guy with the junk point. I wish I had a better picture from the side. Narrow rack, but I liked the extra point.

This is the guy that I hope runs into an arrow this weekend. First I have to hope I will be able to access the area. I need to cross less than 1/2 mile of private land to get to where this guy hangs out.
Man, that last one is pretty nice. You're getting me all fired up to hit the field!

Good luck to you this weekend.

Don't say that Elkhunter. I was under the impression that there are loads of deer like the last one in your part of the country and the only tough part was choosing whick one would be the easiest to haul out.

Are you telling that is not the truth.
Hi Fellas, (n ladies?)
Have to say I'm new here,hope I'm welcome.Those are some GREAT pics!Always heard Montana was a super place for mulies.Lots of luck on Saturday.Do you still have a couple of weeks before the velvet is gone?I'll be in Wyoming in region C on a DIY hunt this Oct but have heard not to expect anything too big,and certainly not that big.But I hope for the best!
Boy Craig, a couple almost look as if they were mixed with elk!!!
Great pics and hope you pull one of these dandy's out of the hat this year!!!
Welcome to Hunttalk pa ridge-runner You are more than welcome to be here and partake of what ever Moosies board has to offer...

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