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Couple deer from this morning.


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Jul 7, 2001
Well I headed out of town to check out an area I have never been to before. I only got in a couple of miles and had to set up camp in the dark. The morning view was better.

I found a group of 8 bucks right away, but they were down the mountain and I wanted to go up. Did not see much up high, but between Axl and me, we made a hell of a racket crossing the rocks.

Not exactly nose bleed country, but pretty high for my part of the country. We had an early lunch at 6,700' and enjoyed the view.

On the way back to the pickup, I tried to find where I had seen some bucks bed earlier in the morning. It was a very small tree patch, but the only cover on the hill. I got to about 150 yards and could see nothing at first and then finally I saw some antler tips. The wind was right, but on the steep, rock-slide slope it was pretty tough to sneek in. His ears were working overtime as well.

Between Axl and me, he finally had enough and stood up.

He know something was wrong, but wasn't sure what was going on. He hung around for awhile and gave me some shots.

This guy was with the group I had seen from 1/2 mile in the morning, so I waited for the rest of the deer. Apparently the hiding spot was only large enough for three and they eventually showed themselves.

I had to GPS the spot, because it looks like this has been a long term hiding spot. The bed are dug in so deep, it is hard to see them unless you are right on top of them.

I don't know if there is anyway I can get on this guy with a bow, but he may be worthy of a rifle tag if I can't find anything bigger.
Great pics and glad to see Axl in them again. Go ahead and give Moosie the one on the left and take the one on the right for yourself. ;)
Awesome Pics......and my bet is that bedding spot has been used for many a year by many a deer....
Cool pics....

I never know which I like best, the ones of Axl or the ones of the Deer....

I am just glad you don't make Axl take pictures of you....
Hey Miller is that one of the places I told you about that we use to hunt? If its not it looks a lot like it. That is a dandy MT buck for sure.
The back ground pics of the roling little valley's sure look green for this time of year for that area....
Nice pics as usual and what a great way to start the day...
Thanks... :D
Hey Miller is that one of the places I told you about that we use to hunt?
You are correct. Actually I was looking for elk, but these guys peaked my interest. Hope to have a close up of this guy next weekend.
Any lopes out there??
One would think that since I don't have a tag in that area for 'lopes, that they would be all over. Fortunately, I have not seen any. But since I will have a bow in hand tomorrow afternoon when I go in there will most likely be a 16"er on the road. ;)
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