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Congratulations to Moosie!


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
He got a record book Corsican ram with his bow and 4 horn with CaHuntr's rifle! I went and scored their animals at Pickalleo's Taxidermy for Records of Exotics. Moosie's 4 horn (really a 3 horn) scored 84 4/8 which is bronze level. Its pretty common for 3 horns (not real rare) instead of 4, it sure had a big base on that horn. His Corsican scored 86 2/8 which is silver level! CaHunter's Haw.Black was close to making the ROE book and looks real good, it scored 76 1/8 and needed to be 80. It can be in the TGR (Trophy Game Records of the World) book if you want me to score it for that. Their book comes out every 4 years or so and just came out last year. This scoring system, the ROE, is different than SCI or TGR and has been around a long time. Congratulations to both of you! I'll mail the score sheets with instructions and if you then register it, it will be in next year's book.

Hey, at Pickalleo's Taxidermy they said people with badges were coming around asking about the white rental car with blood stains in the trunk seen there. He tried to cover for you guys and said he thought it was just ram blood, nothing else. If not, you guys were smart to get out of state so fast. Does the 5th amendment apply here or do you guys just spill so much blood wherever you go!? Congratulations, pretty good hunt!
Well, Reese - you ought to get that monster Hawaiian Black ram you shot measured...he was pretty big!

No comment on the rental car...or Oscar's driving...but if you ever meet him, ask him about "splitting the difference" on the freeway.
Well you boys seem to have had a great hunt!!! And some props to the guide,job well done Tom!!!!

Good Luck
The Greek

Well congrats to me
HEhe Thanx for scoring them for us TOM!!! SH|T, I need to cut a check and send it to Pickalleos. I forgot!!! Ugg Hope he hasn't sold the horns yet

Uhhh Fire me a E-mail.... I don't know what that means Rick??

About the Blood, It wasn't from that Camel.... I swear!!!! Although those trunks are big, I had to get the camel out in a uhaul

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I don't know how you score a camel. What would it be, the length of the neck, how far it could spit, the size of the hump or two humps, the skull, the hanging parts? Maybe SCI has that, I'll check. I saw the picture, it looked like a good camel to me. I can't wait to hear how you got that in a u-haul. That u-haul must have got pretty busted up with a camel in it. My condolences on that, don't tell me where it is.

Hey, Reese, got a record book one too, I think, we have to get it scored. He just sent a picture. Congratulations, Reese! You guys did awesome! Its supposed to average like 20% record book there and you got 3 of them that weekend!