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Combo black bear and blacktail on Prince of Wales Island


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May 6, 2004
Idaho Falls, Idaho
My hunting partner and I are planning a trip to POW during the end of September or early October. From the research we have done so far, the central to the northern part of the island provides the best chance for a good bear and buck. Anyone have any advice or previous experience with this type of hunt? Any and all comments would be appreciated.

From my experience, you will typically find that ElkCheese has no advise, unless one is interested in how to hide a Meth Lab or hide from the authorities after bombing Abortion Clinics.

From my two trips to POW, I would say that there are Bears everywhere, and deer up high. But not in the same places. I think a "Combo" hunt is a difficult one to pull off, if you want to do justice to both.

I think the majority of people who hunt are on the Nothern part and the Central part, so that is likely why the success seems better.

As always, with Alaska hunting, track down the Biologist with ADF&G, and pick his brains. Also, if you scan the back posts in here, we have had several discussions on similar. Pay particular attention to any posts by Muskeg, as he is an outfittter ont he Island, and he gives awesome advice.

Good luck, and if you want to read about an awesome Alaskan Black Bear Hunt, tune in to this Forum in 2 weeks.... :D
I would also like to welcome you to the Board .

Ovis and 'Gunner are headng out in 3 days for an adventure. They are both awsome Picture takes and great story tellers. Stick around for a Blow by Blow on the events as they happen.
I am headed for the cabin this afternoon.

Chuck Turner an old partner came up after Mom's funeral to check where I have been hangen for the last 25+ years.

He is a Nam vet .... 'Seal / UDT' .... and now lives in Indiana and rides with the Nam Vets Harley MC.

We will look over some Bears.
and if you want to read about an awesome Alaskan Black Bear Hunt, tune in to this Forum in 2 weeks

Ah-hmmm...make that an awesome Alaskan black AND brown bear hunt.

Good luck out there. Looks like the closest well get to you is Ketchikan, that is unless we aren't happy with the area we are at, then we might move over to POW.
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