Colorado Muzzleloader bull

Iron Buck

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Dec 27, 2003
Pittsburgh ,PA
My buddy Jeff just got back from Colorado the other day from his guided ML hunt in Colorado. He scored on a Real nice Buullll A public land bull at that! I guess sometimes it pays to get a guide LOL :grin:






[color:"blue"] And a picture of the happy guide Cole! [/color]

Iron Buck, Great Bull, was your buddy hunting out of Pagosa Springs with Crazyhorse Outfitters, that last photo looks like Cole Cook, a guide that got me my bull last year. If not, it's his twin. Great Bull....anywhere! :D
It is Cole with Crazy Horse. How big was your bull last year? I know Cole was pretty happy with this bull........although he did not smile to much in the photo LOL
Iron Buck, My bull was a 4x4 raghorn, but I was fixing to bust a Huge 5x5 earlier in the day as we rode in and my horse threw his head into my rifle! :mad: Bill and Willie Swanda own Crazyhorse, Bill took me on my first guided hunt in 2002 and he was 80 yrs. young then! It was a one day (thats all the time he had available) horseback hunt for me and my buddy. We both tagged out: Cost: $400.00 each. Booked last year and had great luck, lots of Elk. A three day hunt on horse back is $1200.00. Cole is a cool young man! :D