Colorado hunting or fishing partner


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Nov 6, 2018
Denver, CO
Hello All!

I live in Arvada, Colorado and am looking for a partner to do some fishing or small and big game hunting. I will be Elk hunting during first rifle season in GMU 54. This will be my first hunt since living in Colorado. I grew up in Ohio Deer, Turkey, and Coyote Huntington as well as various other small game. I mostly fished for Crappie in Ohio as well as the surrounding states. I’ve picked up a bit of fly fishing since I’ve lived in Colorado. I am definitely looking to pick up more hunting and fishing overall. Thanks!


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Apr 8, 2019
Cheyenne, Wyoming
I am a Colorado native growing up around Fort Morgan, Wiggins and then the Thornton area. I am always open for a fishing trip and camping. As for nonresident hunting, I am reluctant to pay nonresident rates when I can get the same quality hunting in Wyoming, but not completely wrote off. Let me know if you get something going and I will see what is on my schedule. I will be completely retired at end of May 2021 and plan to do a lot of volunteer work and then a ton of hunting and fishing which will include out of state trips.