College Football 🏈 Season is Here !!

I was looking for the game on TV and couldn't find it. The score was really close and I wanted to see the ending.
YouTube TV > NCAAFootball > record all.

YouTube the highlights, but just hearing a bowl game, with good competition, a good story book ending....narrated by barstool an experience.
The Wyoming , Toledo game was really good. Toledo‘s defense was controlling the game and Wyoming found a way in the 4th and was able to kick a field goal with no time left to win at 15-15

Congratulations Craig Boles enjoy your retirement.
I really wanted them to burn a play on 2nd and kick on 3rd. More than enough time. I think that backup qb wanted to punch it in.
Surprised no one else mentioned it… but some of you guys were sure right about FSU being a big stink without their QB.

That blowout made the politicians down there that were threatening to sue the NCAA for a participation trophy look especially dopey.
I did not misspeak, for once. It’s my New Year’s resolution.
Looking forward to the game, should be a good one. I’m curious to see how good that Michigan defense is, hasn’t seen a good test yet and all three of their competitors would be a significant step above anything they’ve seen
Badgers couldn’t quite pull it off, but it was a fun end to the season and they didn’t crap the bed. Fun game.
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