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Check this bear out.

Let's just say I wouldn't be too popular with lot's of folks if that bear crossed my path during hunting season. He would get a one way ticket to my living room, no hesitation on my part.
Wow, ditto what Troy said.

I love the looks of those whitish bears on whatever little island that is off of BC. Give about anything to go hunt one and have a rug.
That is cool... I would shoot it and get a live mount then people can come to my house and pay me to see it.... This way people woudl see it because its a sure thing, it wont run and hid behind a bush...:D :D

That is a very cool bear

I'm guessing I couldn't shoot it. Although I'd love to have it.. I would be so confused that I would hesitate to long

If they wanted that bear safe, He shouldn't have got it put in the Paper... I'm guessing guys from all over will fly into the town now looking for it..... It will be ONE dead Bear unless they pass a law, Then I'm guessing someone will shoot it anyways.

If he's trying to draw attention, he just did!! Poor little bugger! The only thing I can think is what they are going to call the poor sap that ends up with it. :eek:
Cool Bear. I would have taken it if gotten the chance. But it is fine that they made it okay not to hunt it.
Thats a scarey thought that they made that black bear off limits ..... because now you will have every anti hunter in the world trying to make bears with certain markings off limits.. cin. ones glacier ones, blonde ones, ones with little whitepathes on them etc......

I hate to say this
best thing that could happen is a poacher go out and shoot it. then the anti crowd wont go and try this on other bears.....
Also maybe the zoo should have tranq. it and brought it to a zoo to show off....

yeah the bear is safe. Damn huggers. Next thing you know people are gonna say "well, he's the biggest bear, we gotta protect him" Its just the start for bear hunting (hell, any animal for that matter) up here.

I'm pissed. Hes a blackie, which makes him legal. He's not the biggest but hes not with mama so that makes him legal. It should be a legal bear to hunt.
That is such a friggin cool ass bear for sure. Yes it is a black bear and therefore should be legal game and left to the hunter to decide if he/she would shoot it or not.
So the game board made an emergency closure for white phase black bears around a relatively populated area (Juneau), which btw is loaded with tourists this time of year.

What do you think would happen if a bunch of tourists saw someone kill this very unusual bear? My guess is then there would be some pressure to close hunting for all black bears, which are quite numerous everywhere else.

I believe that the white bears are protected in Canada, and have been for a long time. So what's the big deal? I don't understand why some of you guys are so upset. I don't buy the "protect that bear is just a start to protecting all bears".

Ken the reason my panties are in a bunch over this is

1. I'm not PC and could care less about pissing off some tourists or huggers. If the animal is legal and you want to take it go for it. Yes, I have passed up a nice bear because some tourists were taking a pic of it out towards sheep mtn. I dont buy that as a reason to put a certain bear on the "endangered list".

2. I also hate to see regulations because of emotions. If scientific evidence shows that this is the only white blackie (kermode I believe there called) is in existance, then fine, save it.

If it was legal to shoot and you want to shoot it,then fine go ahead and whack it. if you would rather shoot it with a camera, thats your porogative. Dont regulate hunters because an animal is pretty to look at.
lbg, I don't really disagree with what you're saying if you saw the bear out in the bush somewhere, but the fact is he just happens to be in a populated very visible area. I would imagine there are a few folks in Juneau who would like to see him get away from town, but the point I was trying to make is since the bear has received so much publicity, and is so close to people, it wouldn't make sense for a hunter to kill him in a place someone is likely to see. I think it would be a black eye for all of us. I'm not PC either, just looking at the negative impact it could possibly have. We don't need that.

To tell you the truth I'm so pissed at the actions, or non-actions our governor because of pressure from the anti's. I've been regulated out of business as a guide because there hasn't been any predator control up here. I wish I had a govenors tag. F&G biologists have suggested many times over the last few years the need for predator control, based on biology. It hasn't happened because of emotions. Oh crap, don't get me going! :mad:

I was just bringing out a different point of view. If I saw a bear like that in the middle of nowhere, I don't think he would live too long.

Alasken, just a point of clarification. White black bears are NOT protected in Canada. Just the Kermode bears of British Columbia. If you see a white bear in any other province (and they do ocassionally exist) you can whack and stack it.
Great looking bear to say the least. They are legal to take in Saskatchewan and the natives in my area talk about seeing Spirit Bears. The outfitter I bought from said his song wounded a bear just like that year before last and they never found him. The natives seem to see one or two every year and consider them "good luck". I look forward to one of my hunters having good luck and puting one in their trophy room. Happy hunting, Casey
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